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8 months post op! :D 400cc mod+ round silicone unders

Hey everyone! :) I'm going to be getting breast augmentation. I'm not sure when because my mom wants me to do a lot of research first.. Anyways to keep this short, she wants me to not go too big, and neither do I, but i dont think she understands the size I want and I dont think she's very supportive of my choice. I want to be a full D and I think she wants me to be a small D or average C..... READ MORE

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Dr. says he needs to lower my crease? (photo)

The distance from my areola to my breast fold is about 6 cm.. so its very short.. I want a 400cc implant mod plus. My doctor says for this size implant he would need to lower... READ MORE

What happens if you get sick with a cough or cold before surgery?

Im really concerned since my surgery is January 7.. a lot of people get sick in the winter.. so im really worried about getting sick before my surgery since my doctors papers... READ MORE

What size will I be with 400cc mod plus implants?

Im naturally barely a 32 A.. and I'm getting a 400cc MOD PLUS ROUND implant. i dont think this matters but im getting it with silicone. Will I get to a D? or be about a C? READ MORE

One implant is dropping more. Is this okay or is something wrong with the implants? (photo)

So I've noticed that this week one of the implants has dropped further.. NOT bottoming out.. but it looks like the tissue has stretched maybe and allowed for the implant to sit... READ MORE

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Hey! Im sorry to hear about your experience :( I'm not a doctor so i can't guarantee this will work, nor can i be held responsible, but have you tried gently pressing down on the tops of the implants? It might help speed up the dropping... READ COMMENT

Its so true! Having all this info on this forum was a big help and I really want to help anyone I can!! :) Sorry I took long to respond :( Im in exams so i had so much studying but I"ll always try to answer if you have any questions.... READ COMMENT

Thank you :D Ya i dont know how but I did buy a cream to help with that.. It was a body cream by a company named " Codalie" I love their stuff :) READ COMMENT

@Cat.g5: Honestly when I first went in i thought i was going for about 300-350.. and then my doc showed me the 400 and he said it was a nice size for my frame.. not too big and fit me properly.. he said if he noticed any complication... READ COMMENT

I got it at a plce called Bikini Village :) it was $90 and so worth it! im in love haha :D in case you dont know that store.. its by a company called Body Glove :) READ COMMENT