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Botox caused me PERMANENT damage. I had reconstructive surgery to repair wasted botox muscles. Does my healing look ok? (photo)

17 months ago, at age 28, I made the biggest mistake of my life: 21 units of Botox in my forehead. I did NOT have filler or get "fake" Botox. U of M oculoplastic surgeon wrote... READ MORE

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Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope it was helpful in some way! I had injections for my forehead wrinkles and in my glabella - just 21 total. I was told this is a fairly small dose, but it seeped into my eye muscles. It's still... READ COMMENT

I was only there to be treated for forehead lines as I didn't have 11's. This injector talked me into my glabella area, saying it would "lift" and "open" my eyes. I had a total of 21 units in all between the forehead and glabella. I had... READ COMMENT