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Juvey Filler Erased Annoying Marionette Lines and Frowning Mouth - Sacramento, CA

I had dragged my feet for more than FOUR years in getting any more filler in my face. I'd had several rounds of Juvey Ultra and botox placed under my eyes and in the N/L folds by my mouth done by a previous surgeon. My last treatment done by that doctor was in 2010, just before I had facial lasering that left me with a staph infection and permanent pigment issues on my face. However, the... READ MORE

Facelift, Necklift and Fat Rejuvenated Me! - San Francisco, CA

I am 57, female, and had just hated my jowls and jawline for so many years! While I keep slim and trim overall, and have had previous surgeries to address other areas, I felt that I still looked older and more tired than I felt.  In mid-August 2012, Dr. Marten did a lower SMAS lift, neck lift, conservative upper eyelid bleph, and placed fat in several areas of my face - as well as... READ MORE

Fat PLUS Facelift Is the Key to Rejuvenation - San Francisco, CA

I am 57, female, and had just hated my weak jawline and saggy jowls for years! In August 2012, I went to Dr. Timothy Marten, SF, and he did a lower facelift, neck lift, upper eyelid bleph, plus fat injections to my face and hands. At just 6 weeks out, I can tell I'm going to LOVE the look. My biggest issue - sagging jowls - has been completely resolved. I now enjoy a very defined jawline... READ MORE

MixTo Treatment Great, but Unplanned Disaster Happened

I am 54, have taken excellent care of my skin since I was in my mid-20s - but even so, I had developed fine crinkly lines, more noticeable wrinkles, and even puckery skin in the areas around my mouth, under my eyes, the eyelids, and tops of cheeks. My PS had been telling me about MixTo for almost a year, so after doing as much research as I could on this, I got the treatment done on May 14,... READ MORE

Vaser High Def Lipo Improved Results from Previous Lipo - Sacramento

I just had Vaser High Definition Lipo on my torso, front and back, in August 2009. I had previously had traditional lipo on the same area done in 2004, but was left with a ropey patch across my abs and banana rolls in back that looked unchanged. My procedure lasted just under 4 hours, during which the surgeon removed 2,000 ccs of fat (about 8.5 cups' worth!). I had a very smooth recovery... READ MORE

Questions from Bugjune

Neck Lift Needed After Vaser Lipo Under the Chin?

My husband, 53 and in good health with no excess fat, is considering having a small, fatty pouch under his chin done with Vaser Hi Def lipo (the doctor told him he would use a... READ MORE

Is Neck Lift Necessary After Vaser Lipo Under the Chin?

My husband, 53, and in good health with little excess body fat, is considering having a small, fatty pouch under his chin done with Vaser Hi Def lipo. The doctor said he'd use... READ MORE

Brow Lift and Eyelid Surgery a Month After Vaser Lipo?

My husband, 53, is considering having Vaser High Def Lipo done in Sept. The following month, he'd have a Brow lift and upper eyelid reduction. Are these two surgeries too close... READ MORE

Sciton ProFractional Laser Vs. MixTo Microfractional CO2 Laser

I'd like to know the basic differences between these two laser technologies as well as which one is best for puckery skin areas (under eyes) and fine lines (around eyes, on... READ MORE

Are the injections given before Cellulaze the WORST of it?

I am seriously considering Cellulaze for stubborn cellulite on my inside upper arms, abs, butt, and thighs. I am 58, 5'8" and have maintained a steady weight of 130 for years.... READ MORE

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HEY! I remember you from the other forum, too! :-) And YOU looked SUPER! Hope you are still happy with the results. I've been OFF all these message boards for a few years now with so much stuff going on in my life ... but at 62, I am... READ COMMENT

Ah, better late than never! You can see from my 2017 shots here that I still have some fat in my cheeks and lips, but I'd guess about 25-30% of it dissipated? I'm still happy with that amount. For me, I definitely get more longevity... READ COMMENT

LOL! Tell me that 59-yr-old beauty's doc! I want that kind of result for 1/3 the money! But seriously, it could be the location (San Fran) AND the skill level. For the latter, I would not hesitate to spend that kind of money. Also - and... READ COMMENT

Sorry for my LATE reply (where have I been?)! There are literally NO scar lines to even show you - that's how amazing Dr. Marten's stitching is. You can see in my 2017 update, the right eyelid has a bit of uneven slope to it? Ah well, I... READ COMMENT

Please - NO HARM in posting your thoughts at all! I appreciate honesty, and deliver it myself when asked. Yes, my facial fat has dissipated a bit (as you can see from the recent pictures of July 2017 - long overdue in posting them). I... READ COMMENT