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What if my Doctor Shaved my Hump Down Too Much? (photo)

I'm 2 weeks post op. I honestly hate my new nose! Everyone keeps telling me it's the swelling and I'm so tired of hearing that. Swelling has nothing to do with the hump I had.... READ MORE

My Nose Right Now is Really Swollen at the Tip

I am 2 weeks post op.. The tip of my nose is really swollen so from the side my nose looks really pudgy and I kind of look like a pig/bulldog. But once swelling goes down does... READ MORE

I'm 6weeks Post Op, I Didn't Like my Nose when I First Got my Splint off and I Kind of Still Don't. Is It Still Swollen?

The tip of my nose is still really big. I don't know if it's just swelling or if this is just how my new nose looks! My doctor said he did take alot off...I can't really feel... READ MORE

7 months post op rhinoplasty. What happened to my nose? Very Swollen

Im about 7 or 8 months post op. I don't wear sunglasses very often, but the other day I went to a baseball game and was wearing sunglasses for about an hour or so until out of... READ MORE