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My teeth are perfect after two years but my back teeth no longer meet. The doctor put rubber bands on to try to bring my back teeth down or bottom teeth up, but that hasn't worked. Next, he is going to try cutting away the invisalign... READ COMMENT

My daughter wants this procedure and I'm worried about stretching her face. Did you feel your forehead pulling? Thanks! READ COMMENT

For me, what causes the pain is the perpendicular edges of the aligner that dig into my mouth and tongue, not the attachments. Though you can file down and use wax, in 2 weeks you have to do it all over again. READ COMMENT

I don't think it hurts but as soon as you do, you have all these little food particles (who knew) floating inside your retainer and you have to go run and brush your teeth so it really doesn't help to keep it in cause you have to take... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much! The wax is great but a pain, so my husband suggested cloroseptic spray (for sore throats) which numbs the pain but is messy. My ortho just recommended using warm salt water 3x/day to help heal the sores. Also said... READ COMMENT