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Continued Improvements -- Part II - Athenix

This Is a review on the 2nd of two surgeries I've scheduled. This is for implants and making my thighs match the rest of me. I will have saline implants under muscle, transaxillary incision. 36B to be full 36D with natural look. I am getting water lipo of inner & outer thigh and knees to balance look So, I wanted to post some wish photos to get some feedback on if you all think that my... READ MORE

The Beginning of a New Me... – Bellevue, WA

I go in this morning for a full avelar tummy tuck with micro contouring of upper, mid, lower abs, bra back flanks and hips, I have many before pics and will post them sometime during post op. I have two teens, am 46, 5" 3 and 155 lbs Pre-op. my goal is to be down 2 sizes post op and after my second procedure which includes outer and inner thighs in about 8 weeks. I am on a waiting list... READ MORE

Questions from AnasScott

Is my Compression Garment Too Tight? (photo)

I am 5 days post op from a full tummy tuck and lipo on abs, back, flank, and hips. Attached are photos as I was getting ready to shower. READ MORE

Hematoma After TT; I Think It's Getting Worse. Please Help.should I Continue to Wait It out or Try to Get It Aspirated?

I had a full avelar TT with water lipo of abs, bra area, flanks and hips on 8/14, I had a follow-up with my PS at 1 day post op and 8 day post op. I am now coming on 13 days... READ MORE

Worse Swelling, Hardness, and Bruising 13 Days Post Op FTT and Water Lipo?

I am 13 days post op full tummy tuck Avelar procedure with abs, flanks, back and hip lipo. Since day 3 I have had full abdomen tightness, hardness and swelling in both upper... READ MORE

My Dr Thinks I Have Hematoma After FTT Avelar No Drains with? (photo)

FTT avelar no drains with water lipo abs, back, flanks, and hips. I am 5'3"", 46 yo, 155 pre op and now 154.6 Post op. I am 13 days PO,. I saw my Dr at 1 day post and 8 days... READ MORE

What is the best revision method given my BA issues? (photos)

I had my BA 5 months ago with saline 550cc HP with 530 right and 594 Left due to asymmetry in natural breasts with incision through the armpit. I definitely have animation... READ MORE

Recent comments from AnasScott

I am having surgery on Friday. In the comsult he told me they put temporary plugs in for free but will wave the fee for permanent plugs if I want them. Thank you for your candid review. I have dry eyes already given my computer use,... READ COMMENT

I'm turning 50 in a couple of months and am getting lasik done this Friday. For me, they said I was a good candidate for monovision since I've been doing monovision contact lens successfully for 2+ years. I'm farsighted with near... READ COMMENT

Looking great! I can only hope that if I get brave enough to do a revision mine will look as good as yours. I have been debating my first revision but have been a chicken. All dr. consults want to replace my saline with silicone but... READ COMMENT

I'm so happy for you! They turned out marvelous and you have even more changes coming over the next few months. How is it going in through the nipple? Do you have feeling back yet? I am considering a revision and would love for the... READ COMMENT

I went to Nordstrom. I also found some nice ones at Nordstrom Rack which were at least 1/2 as much as the ones at nordstrom. I'm a 34g and some 32gg. I wish I was 34ddd. READ COMMENT