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Not sure

Ive had a consultation with a surgeon today which was originally for just a septoplasty but i expressed my concerns about my shape of my nose and he told me he would email me information and pricing so i could rebook a consultation about a rhinoplasty if i wanted after having some time to think... Ive always hated my nose since i was a child ive been bullied called so many names have even had... READ MORE

Questions from Sammy94

Risks of anaesthetic on a asthmatic patient undergoing rhinoplasty?

Are there any pre op tests to be done to determine whether im at risk? My asthma is generally under control but i often experience wheezing and shortness of breath in mornings. READ MORE

Excessive crust build up after septorhinoplasty?

My surgeon and my post op nurses emphasized to NOT clean or touch the inside of my nose however i have excessive crusting which seems to completely block my nose, also i still... READ MORE

Small hump remaining after rhinoplasty (photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty 2 weeks ago, whilst i am aware that this is VERY early on in the healing process and that i will have alot of swelling that will remain for months...i... READ MORE

Is 6 months too soon for revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty to remove a large hump and fix deviated septum. My surgery was more complex than what my surgeon anticipated and took much longer than expected. Im... READ MORE

Do I have a open roof deformity/residual hump ? (Photo)

I am 6 months post op and I am aware I am still healing however I am due to see my surgeon soon and would like to have some opinions...I have a dent in the bridge of my nose... READ MORE

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"ethnic rhinoplasty" (Hispanic Nose Surgery, African American Rhinoplasty, Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty, and Asian Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills). That quote is directly from your surgeons website. Re affirming everything i said. And... READ COMMENT

Its spelt rhinoplasty though...and my point is that if someone develops a hook from a broken nose its not ethnic. It is broken. And the use of the word ethnic is subjective in its definition in every aspect of the world. Constructive... READ COMMENT

And i love how by your definition i was born with a non ethnic nose and then grew a ethnic nose through breaking it .... Your theory doesnt add up READ COMMENT

My dissertation for my degree in sociology is focused on issues regarding ethnicity and race. Because someone writes a book telling you a hook makes your nose ethnic i am telling you the construction of language is used for segregating... READ COMMENT

Thank you, i do understand if people dont like it! The way my nose looks now is the way most people on here look PRE-OP. I just think this site is for support not criticism and theres a fine line sometimes! Hope your healing well darling :) READ COMMENT