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300/325cc HP..... A cup to G cup

Hi everyone :) I'm not going to give too much of a story, as so many of us are the same. To sum up, I've always hated my boobs, and with recent weight loss, I've always been thin but was quite ill and lost a few kegs, I'm down to a 34A. My boobs are different shapes/sizes, not drastically but it's there, and after 5 years my fiancé still hasn't seen me topless in the light, so you can say I ... READ MORE

Left Me with Severe Acne Scarring, Cystic Acne Returned. Health Problems - UK

I was 26 when my doctor finally referred me into accutane. Having suffered with mild to moderate acne since 11 (like my dad) when I came off the Diannete pill aged 21, my acne tuned cystic. I would suffer from very large painful cysts, especially around the tie of the month, I'd been on every topical and anti biotic over the years, nothing kept it away. When I was prescribed accutane I... READ MORE

My Experience with Rhinoplasty...and Advice for Those Considering :) - Midlands, UK

Hi everyone, I'm new to Realself, and before I post a review on a procedure I'm looking to get (breast augmentation) I first wanted to be able to contribute and offer my own experiences and tips for people considering rhinoplasty. My story I guess is pretty similar to most, I inherited my dads nose....big, with a bump! I hated it. Simple as that. When I reached 24 (6years ago) and with all... READ MORE

Questions from OctoberBoobies

Quoted 275-300cc HP Looking for Bigger. How Big Can I Go? Would Love Profile/ Cc Advice? (photo)

BWD is 13.3cm Left, 13.1cm Right. I have been quoted 275-300cc HP, as to what will fit. I live in a conservative country with regards to implant sizes, but had my mind set on... READ MORE

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Huge congrats on your new girls! READ COMMENT

Yay! Welcome to the other side! :) READ COMMENT

In a month they will look and feel completely different I promise :) READ COMMENT

If you're completely flat I'm sure you're results will be similar. Anatomy and existing breast tissue, regardless of how saggy lol, does play a big part. A friend was completely flat and got 450cc, she now measures the same as me.... READ COMMENT

Thanks I'm very happy! I originally wanted bigger but 300/325 was all my ps could fit, and Im glad I trusted him that it would get me to my goal size. The great thing is they look send feel completely natural a already. Definitely... READ COMMENT