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Every day is a winding road... It gets a little bit better ;)

Hi. Lying in bed at 5:09 alarm goes off to take care of kids at 645. Can't sleep! A combo of nervous, excitement, and some serious concerns. I'm a pretty small 34 a, 4 kids, breast fed, and am getting 325 silicone gel by silimed. Since I am narrow and thin -5"6, 121 pounds, PS recommends dual plane surgery - under and over muscle, to not put too much weight on my thinner skin. Anyone use... READ MORE

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One Day Post Op - Swelling All the Way Up to my Collarbone, Just Under Neck, is This Normal? (photo)

Felt like I couldn't breathe a few times last night. Just took off bra for first time to see if this would alleviate some of the swelling. PS - how do they look? Silimed... READ MORE

Blood Stains 2 Days Post Op Breast Augmentation. Is This Normal? Please Answer, I'm Freaking Out. (photo)

I am so nervous. I suddenly see these blood stains. I have had a swelling chest, so doctor told me to remove the surgical bra for a few hours each day. I wonder if the... READ MORE

Should I Have Gone Mod Plus or HP? I Have a Very Narrow Chest, Was Given Moderate Silicone Implants? (photo)

These are 325 cc silicone silimed and while I feel the job was done well, they appear torpedo like and very wide apart. When I wear a shirt with my push up bras everything is... READ MORE

This is Getting Scarier by the Day! Can't Move. Hematoma Middle of Chest or Just Major Bruising? (photo)

Low Grade Fever. 6 days post op - getting very tired of not being able to move. My bruise has gotten worse - I think yesterday I was way too active (back to work!) and it was... READ MORE

Confirmed Hematoma. PS Says to Leave It. Should I Get a 2nd Opinion? It's a Ball of Blood over my Chest ? 1 Wk Post Op. (photo)

I went to see my PS again because my bruising seems to have settled into a mass RIGHT in between both breasts. He says that it is a hematoma but it's not related to the... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op BA, Post Hematoma (No Drain), 325 Silicone Dual Plane, Possible Infection? (photo)

From 11, I started to feel human again. I always felt the weight on my chest, but my hematoma was healing. Now I am 3 weeks 1 day post op, & I am feeling shooting pains... READ MORE

I lost nipple sensitivity after Breast Augmentation. ​Would a revision (downsize) increase likelihood of fixing this? (photos)

Prior to BA, 1 breast (much more than other) was a real erogenous zone. Surgery was August 2013 Following surgery, I felt nothing, now very slight touch can feel good, but not... READ MORE

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Yeah, when I mentioned going smaller, my doctor said "you can't do that, because your skin will be stretched" - WTF??? It's only been a month. Now I almost want to go smaller just because I don't want to give it more time to stretch..... READ COMMENT

Wow, the media sure does a shit job portraying this country. It's a total democracy, america's big ally, and it's 3rd after USA and CHina in terms of technological advances. There is absolutely no religious oppression, most of the... READ COMMENT

Yours look great... and i actually think (hope...) they look similar to mine - 325 moderate profile. But your pics are better!! Happy to see the progression... eager to get some bras. Just put 12 old bras in a few ziplocs, now I have... READ COMMENT

Hi. I just wrote update, but not sure how much I addressed the pain. I definitely feel some tightness, but the pain is more that it's been 1 month and I am absolutely consistently cognizant of their existence. I mean I can start to lie... READ COMMENT

You think they look good, really? I feel like they are just WAY too big for my frame. They overwhelm my skinny arms. But my ribs used to stick out further than my boobs.. so i guess they still stick out but not further. I just feel like... READ COMMENT