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Thanks Mark for your honesty and your humility. :) Although some doctors, like some people are not 'accountable' for their actions, most are :) I'm glad you are working through this with your doctor. Please keep us updated on the results READ COMMENT

Sounds like a good option.. As always, get a 2nd and 3rd Expert opinion. Good luck with your decision. Judge the ARTIST by the body of their work. READ COMMENT

Thanks for posting. Glad it turned out well. Please read other posts regarding using a thick hyaluronic acid product in the nose, due to its hydrophillic property leading to decreased vascular perfursion, and possibly an ulcer. ... READ COMMENT

Good job Dr. Klein. Dermatologists (aka skin cancer doctors) are becoming quite skilled with injectables. I would like to see the Dermatologists have some training on the ART of the FORM of the FACE like most plastic surgeons. My... READ COMMENT

Thanks for commenting. Regarding cosmetic procedures, please dont make a decision based on finances. Make a decision based on 'best outcome'.. 10% of the clients that come to my office arent eligible for the nonsurgical approach. The... READ COMMENT