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I have had a nasal cauterization in the past. Can I still get a rhinoplasty surgery?

When I was a kid, I had nasal cauterization due to frequent nose bleeds. Many years later, I wish to get a rhinoplasty but I am wondering if the nasal cauterization might in... READ MORE

is it possible/realistic to make a long and narrow nose shorter without making it wider with a rhinoplasty?

I like how narrow my nose is, but I hate how long it is and how far it protrudes. I know that rhinoplasty surgery mostly realigns the nose rather than making it smaller, so it... READ MORE

Will a wider nose make my eyes look closer together?

Hello. My nose is very very narrow and pinches a bit in the center of my bridge. I have had a consultation, and I have been told that my nose would be more compatible with the... READ MORE

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You look so good!!! our before noses are really similar so i am thrilled to see that you got such great results. READ COMMENT

Good luck! i'm looking forward to seeing the after pics. READ COMMENT

I love your nose! Thanks for the photos READ COMMENT

Your nose looks great! was the $4,000 you listed not including anesthesia or anything else? READ COMMENT