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Luis A. Fernandez Goico Breast Tubular and All over Lipo April 2016 - Dominican Republic

So i am ready to be the women i have always wanted cant wait to feel normal and have normal breasts i feel so happy that i have found dr Fernandez Goico he seems very nice and cares about you and i will be staying at arelis recovery house i spoke to her and she seems so nice and her house looks really nice and clean Hi girls I was wondering if any body no of a nurse in the uk who you can go... READ MORE

think I am going with Luis A. Fernandez Goico

To stay in uk or not HELP!!! Uk vs Duran!!! 2016 April I am 26 with 2 kids and all I want is to be skinny I have had a hard time always being big and I am for ever on a diet I also work out 3 times a week I love Dr. Hilario DurĂ¡n work and price but I worry I will get ill if I go abroad I need your help beautiful girls x I am now looking at Jose Leon, MD and Fernandez goico anybody had... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo - United Kingdom, GB

Hi I am 23 and I have a small child I have wanted a tummy tuck for the last few years before I was pregnant with my son I was just over 18 stone about 252 lb and when I was pregnant I didnt put and Weight on after giving birth i looked the same as I did when I was pregnant when my son was about 6 mouths I decided to lose weight and in 7 mouths I went from 18 stone to 12 stone that's about 160... READ MORE

Questions from Flowers2010

Drinking Alcohol 12 Days Befor Full Tummy Tuck?

Hi I have a big party to go to 12 days befor my tummy tuck will I be ok to drink alcohol i am 11 and half stone and I am 5ft 6 I eat very Healthey don't no if this will help me... READ MORE

My stomach looks shorter after a full tt, normal? (photo)

Hi I had a full tt 9 days ago and looking at my tummy it's looks really short is this normal it just looks a lot shorter then it used to READ MORE

Does my belly button look ok, 8 weeks after a Tummy Tuck with Liposuction? (photos)

I am 8 weeks post op after a full tt with lipo and I always had a nice bb but now it looks awful I am worried about talking to my surgeon I would like some points of view from... READ MORE

How can surgeons from Dominican Republic get waist so tiny and UK surgeons don't seem to be able to? Is it dangerous? (Photo)

Hi I am 25 looking for lipo on my waist and other parts of my body I love a few surgeons in the dominican republic as there work looks amazing but worried as there must be a... READ MORE

Breast lift redness? (Photo)

Hi I am a very pale women and don't tan well I had a Breast lift 4 weeks and 5 days ago do you think this redness is ok my scars seems to be drying up now and the only to... READ MORE

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Domincan in the end and so happy READ COMMENT

Hi yes feeling better Breast take a while to heel but doing good READ COMMENT

I am not saying you won't be fine I am sure you will Be I am very over cautious I was going to go with Duran and I think her work is more then amazing but after I read a story the fact that a women nearly died and she went bk to the... READ COMMENT