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Uneven Breathing 2months After Septo-rhinoplasty? (photo)

Septo-Rhino with ENT Dr performed13th June 2013 X ray before surgery showed deviation in the form of S No breathing problem before surgery Taping my nose since surgery with... READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty Percutaneous Sutures on Dorsum? Success or Failure? (photo)

Closed Septo-Rhino on 13th July 2013 9 days after cast removal, found 2 stiches on dorsum On asking surgeon, he claims I dint have sthng there that he kept for me I never had a... READ MORE

Why Did my Doctor Lower my Nasal Bridge? (photo)

My nasal bridge was higher + straight, now i have a lower + slope. I just requested for a smaller nose+smaller more defined tip and Alar wall reductions. Why did he lower my... READ MORE

Accutane Isotretinoin AFTER RHINOPLASTY?

I am 4 months post my rhinoplasty. And my dermatologist just started me on Roaccutaine 40g daily for 1 month. I am attaching copy of Rx of the other medications i am taking too... READ MORE

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I totally agree with the patient's experience above. I just had rhinoplasty 3 months ago, and I specifically stated that I want smaller nose as in smaller more defined tip but instead i had my nasel bridge literally CARVED out. Im... READ COMMENT

I would say worth it, except if i would go back in time i would have made it clear to my doctor that i dont want a ski slope nasal bridge but a straight one ! I think I will go for a revision but im only 2 months post op... Ill wait... READ COMMENT

I have the same problem... i did my surgery with Shervani in tehran... im 2 months post op READ COMMENT