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It takes 16 weeks on average for the fat cells that died to completely flush out, so that would be around 8/22 you'd see your full results (although usually there are some results at the 2 week Mark). I'm surprised they didn't tell you... READ COMMENT

Also, a doctor posted on another question and said that the nerves are stretched during the procedure and can take up to 10 days to return to normal. So, if your symptoms have not resolved in 10 days then see my comment below. Check... READ COMMENT

The nerve that runs to your ring and pinky finger comes from your neck down your arm, so either you have a pinched nerve in your neck (from tensing up in pain) or somehow the treatment created nerve damage. You should probably see a... READ COMMENT

Http://www.realself.com/question/velashape-treatment-doneand-shocked-painful According to the doctor who answered on that page, they had the machine WAY too high! READ COMMENT

After reading other people describe the treatment in detail, it sounds to me like there is no way it should have hurt that much. I think that either they wanted you to exchange your groupon for a facial because its cheaper so they hurt... READ COMMENT