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Mother of 4 Did TT with Float and Going for a Full Revision - Chicago, IL

I had a TT a little over a year ago. I am nervous but after many more consults I have decided to go for a full TT revision. I am not happy with the results. I originally went into this because I had to have my gall bladder out and thought why not do both at the same time. Well I was really naïve about what a BB float meant. My PS basically said I would get the same result with a smaller... READ MORE

Questions from ttredo

What Are the Chances my Belly Button Will Die on a Full Revision Tummy Tuck?

I had my BB moved on the 1st procedure from under the skin. The dr did not remove enough skin or tighten things all the way up. I am considering doing a full revision as it... READ MORE

Can Anyone Show Me What an Umbilical Stenosis Looks Like?

I am considering revision TT after a TT that is not great and BB was floated. i am concerned about an umbilical stenosis but would like to see what it actually looks like. This... READ MORE

If Your BB Has Been Moved in a Mini TT is It Safe to Redo the TT and Move BB Again?

I have a mini TT but Dr moved BB. Result is not great and I am considering a revision but i am afraid of an umbilical stenosis. How likely is it on the revision when the BB is... READ MORE

How Likely is BB Stenosis in a Revision TT when the BB Was Floated in a Previous Surgery?

I am considering a full TT revision. My concern is BB stenosis. I am 6 months past my first TT. BB was floated and looks fine. I am just not happy with the results. Too much... READ MORE

Can I Do a Revision of a TT Even Though the BB Was Already Floated in a Previous TT? (photo)

Attached are some photos taken 5.5 months post a TT. I did not have a full but had something more than a mini. I am not happy with the results as I now have a lower pooch that... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do a TT Revision by Refloating the Umbilicus if It Was Floated in the First Surgery?

I had a TT 6 months ago and the umbilicus was floated. I am not happy as the lower ab has some excess skin and there is a little on top. I was in good shape before I had my... READ MORE

Will a Delayed Procedure a Month Before a Full Tt Assist to Prevent the BB from Dying?

I am planning on having a full TT after a mini a year ago. the umbilical was floated in the mini. My new PS is very well known and was the head of PS for years at a prestigious... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do a Full TT After a Mini with Umbilical Float Doing a Delayed Procedure to Save the BB?

My PS is suggesting a Full TT after a mini and the BB was floated. He is saying to insure BB does not die he should do a delayed procedure and this will get me the tightest... READ MORE

Would you ever do a revision full TT with a delayed procedure after an umbilical float?

I am seriously considering doing a full TT revision. I had a TT with a BB float 9 months ago and clearly I have extra skin and still lower bulge. I have seen many PS's since... READ MORE

Can anyone show me a picture of man made belly button?

I am considering a revision TT after an umbilical float. The surgeon is recommending placating all the way up, pulling down any lose skin so having a small scar where my... READ MORE

Can anyone show me a picture of a belly button they have created and do they look ok?

I am considering having a revision TT after a float was done ealier in the year. Some drs have said don't do a full revision the BB will die. Others have said after a year I... READ MORE

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Has anyone done a full TT revision even after their BB was previously moved or floated and had success?

I had a TT and the BB was floated which means the blood supply was cut.  The problem is there is alot more skin that could still be taken and in order to do this the... READ MORE

Is a TT revision after an umbilical float worth it?

I am so confused.  I am 46 mother of 4 and had a TT 2/13 with an umbilical float. I am not happy with the result and I have seen PS's and all give me such different... READ MORE

Has anyone done a full TT after having a TT witih an umbilical float?

I am considering doing a full TT to revise what was done last year.  The BB was floated which has compromised the blood flow and it could die.  I am wondering if... READ MORE

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The best of luck to you. If you are in Chicago check out Dr. Platis. He is very good. Also I am not sure moving the BB is the same as the float. Floating means you actually cut the blood supply from the stalk and attach it to the... READ COMMENT

HI there. So far so good. My tummy is so much better than after my first TT. I do now have a small vertical scar and it is a little thicker then when I first had the revision. my PS is injecting it with cortisone to help it and if... READ COMMENT

Oh I am so sorry. I know that feeling. In my case, I actually felt like the bulge was worse after the first TT. He basically took the fat from the upper stomach and moved it down. And I'll be honest I was not all that bad to begin... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much. I have to tell you my scar from my revision is better then the scar from the first TT for sure. My long scar is pencil thin. the 1inch vertical scar was so pencil thing to start but has thickened a bit so my PS is... READ COMMENT

Oh gosh I know how you feel. I seriously was more obsessed with my tummy after my surgery vs. before. I waited 15 months to do my revision and there was not a day that went by that I did not feel disgusted with my tummy. The good... READ COMMENT