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Firstly I never said I severely diet, my diet was protein based prior to surgery as I have gluten intolerance. My calorie level is in generally in a normal maintenance range. However, this range is lower than before surgery as my body... READ COMMENT

:( That must be really upsetting Sundogcoyote. It must be that each of our bodies respond differently. I have been lucky and providing my weight is no higher than my lipo weight I seem ok. My lipo was also 3 yrs ago. READ COMMENT

Hi, I am in the UK and my Dr was Mr Vadadaria on Harley St. He was excellent, he looked at my muscle tone and fitness level and would only take me on because my weight was in healthy range with good fitness level. He explained that my... READ COMMENT

Hi. My surgeon said that lipo was not recommended for obese people as it is not a weightloss surgery, but surgery to address size and shape of trouble spots for hose close to their ideal weight. READ COMMENT

This is exactly what happens to me on the weight gain side after lipo. You have to be prepared to stay at the weight you were directly after lipo to keep your upper body the same READ COMMENT