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Bad Injector - Phoenix, AZ

This was the first time i used this doc. first i got dr. spock eyebrows. i went back 10 days later and he injected some botox above my eyebrows. now i have low eyebrows and hooded eyelids. he prescribed the eyedrops. i've been suffering with severe light sensitivity and sometimes an inability to keep my eyes open for the last year and a half. could botox have done this? READ MORE

Questions from veryyoungwidow

I've been having Botox for more than 12 years. I'm having trouble w/ my dry eyes & light sensitive. Did I have too much Botox?

Been having botox for more than 12 years. i'm having trouble with my eyes being so dry and light sensitive that sometimes i can't open them. opthamologist said it might be... READ MORE

Can a bad result after lipo around jawline be corrected? (Photo)

Someone i know had lipo around her jawline in '06. it looked weird when she moved her face a certain way. now in 2014 she looks awful. can anything be done to help her? she's 63. READ MORE

2 days post op Radiesse on hands, I'm not happy with the results. Any suggestions?

I had radiesse 2 days ago. she only used 1.5 on both hands. i'm not happy with the results. i called today and she told me to come back in 2 weeks when the swelling is gone and... READ MORE

I had Radiesse in my hands and the veins still showing. Any suggestions?

She injected quite a few areas but did not lift the skin or massage it in. i'm not happy with the results and i'm seeing her next week for more filler. she's done a lot of my... READ MORE

Botox and light sensitivity?

When i'm due for botox (about every 4 months) my eyes become light sensitive. i know it sounds strange. is there any reason for this? READ MORE

3 days post injection swelling under left eye

My doctor used a botox needle to inject juvederm under my eyes. i had some swelling under right eye -- that seems to have gotten better but today i have a large lump under my... READ MORE

Swelling in tear troughs 4-1/2 weeks after restylane?

Yesterday i woke up with swelling in right side of tear trough. i went to my provider. she said to use warm compresses. i did and swelling went away, but woke up today with... READ MORE

Swelling almost 6 weeks after restylane in tear troughs?

I had restalyne injected 6 weeks ago. she had a problem inserting the cannula under the left eye which caused swelling. after healing i've been developing lumps -- sometimes... READ MORE

Bad pain after implant. What can I do?

I had an implant today -- bottom front tooth. having very bad pain. doctor said the jaw in that area is different from the upper and putting the implant in causes the jawbone... READ MORE

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botox and light sensitivity

I've been getting botox injections for about 12 years.    first in the forehead but the last few years it's been also in the crows feet area.    i... READ MORE

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I had a "recessive chin". back in '03 i had a small chin implant put in. made a subtle but nice change. READ COMMENT

I had sculptra -- except for having to massage my face 5 times a day i had good results. had it done 3 times -- 3 weeks in between. having the right injector for any fillers needs a skilled injector. i did have some bruising each... READ COMMENT

I started getting hydrafacials as soon as they were available. i love them. for a while i was getting them every few weeks, but slowed down to one every few months. i get mine done at premiere wellness and Aglow spa in anthem, az... READ COMMENT

I agree. give us the names. unfortunately this site does not allow NPs or naturapaths to post. sometimes they are the best injectors they do it all day long. READ COMMENT

It takes a very experienced injector to do tear troughs. i had to have mine dissolved too. just because a doctor says he does injectables doesn't mean his good at it. i now have mine done by a naturapathic doctor who has been... READ COMMENT