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Thank you for all the pictures! READ COMMENT

The medical protocol for migraines is for the neurologist to put the Botox also into your neck and back of your head. My neurologist told me that some people have the same results without it being injected into their necks and the back... READ COMMENT

Wow!!! What a difference. You look great, and it was worth every penny. READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I made the mistake of getting one at fifteen and got it removed at eighteen. You have to forgive yourself for getting it in the first place and move on. Mine was removed about 40 years ago... READ COMMENT

First you need to forgive yourself for getting it, and second, you need to remember that nothing is free. Whatever you do, don't get a cover up because later you will want that removed, too. I know this from experience. Wait until... READ COMMENT