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Two Pelleve Treatments for Eye Area - Beverly Hills, CA

I had two Pelleve treatments for the eye area , by a 5 star Dermatologist in Beverly Hills. There was ZERO improvement in the area short term or long term. Actually, everyone agrees the treatments made the area much worse. I took before and after photos and there was definitely a worsened effect. All of the energy treatments are a SCAM, if anything they destroy your own collagen and... READ MORE

Questions from Anna07

What Are the Different Shapes of Silicone Implants?

What are the different shapes of silicone implants? What is Natrelle, Texture, Mod, HP mean? Which shape would you recommend for someone who doesn't want sloped or swoop shaped... READ MORE

What Size Silicone Would I Need to Equal Appearance of 350 Saline?

If I am a conservative, yet full C34 cup and I have saline 350 & 400 under the muscle--What size silicone HP under the muscle implant would I need to get the same size... READ MORE

How Do Dr.'s Measure Cc's of Implant when Replacing?

I did not know my cc amount before a replacement surgery. My surgeon removed the implants, checked the size and then replaced them with the new implant. My question is how did... READ MORE

Are Silicone HP Implants Wider/More Diameter Than Saline of the Same CC Amount?

If you have the same person implanted with Saline 450 implants behind the muscle and then have the same person implanted with 450 Silicone HP behind the muscle, will the... READ MORE

Does Implant Size Increase when Muscle Relaxes?

I am currently unhappy with my breast size. I am a little over 2 weeks post op and my breasts are far too large! I understand that 80% of swelling goes down the first 2 weeks,... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser for Eye Area Elasticity/fine Lines?

I am interested to know the best laser for skin elasticity and the beginning of fine lines around the eyes. I am not very old and do not have severe aging, yet I want the most... READ MORE

Why is my breast Indenting and Buckling, 2 weeks post op? (photo)

I am two weeks post op on my second surgery.My Dr accidentally increased my breast by 100cc when switching my salines to silicone,after 3 months he went in & took out the... READ MORE

Why am I having Sharp Piercing Pain in breast, 2 weeks post op? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post , 2 days ago I started to notice a dent forming in my breast that looks suspicious along with horrific symmetry.Have been having a piercing sharp pulsing pain... READ MORE

How frequent should you Dermaroll with an at home 1.5 roller?

I just rolled my face for the first time. It was not that bad, no bleeding, I put on Vitamin E afterwards so that only natural things absorbed into the skin. I've read SO MANY... READ MORE

Can Retin A be 0.05% be used the same week as Dermarolling with 1.5 Needle?

I just heard I should not Derma Roll at home with 1.5 needle more than once per month. However , I can not find consistent information regarding the use of Retin A after Derma... READ MORE

What can be done to fix the asymmetry of these breast? (photo)

I recently under went a breast job that has left my nipples pointing different directions, my breast themselves are two different shapes and there is pulling/dent and buckling... READ MORE

Hard lump in armpit after breast drain tubes. How long does it take before this subsides?

I have a hard lump in armpit after having breast drain tubes removed over two weeks ago. Only one armpit has this hard knot, it is painful and is kind of preventing me from... READ MORE

Can Retin A 0.05% be used in the orbital area?

I keep hearing conflicting advice if using Retin A in the orbital area is recommended. I understand it can initially thin or dry out skin , before improving it. But some... READ MORE

Could Swollen Occipital/Cervical Lymph Nodes mean an Allergic reaction to Breast Implants?

I'm one and a half months post op silicone breast revision. My doctor put drains in my armpits and gave me Medrol pak to prevent capsules.I seemingly recovered well, but I am... READ MORE

How complicated is an areola reduction? Skill needed, risks and recovery time?

I recently underwent a breast revision, one of my requests was during the revision my areolas be made smaller. Not only are my areolas not smaller , but they are not pointing... READ MORE

How long do the effects of Micro Needling Last? How often is maintenance required?

I am considering getting a micro needling procedure done, but the nurse said the procedure requires a maintenance needling every few months. Why every few months? I plan to do... READ MORE

Areola Tattoos Post Breast Revision? (photo)

I recently under went a breast revision, the doctor did not trim my nipples smaller as I requested and they are also asymmetrical . I am considering tattooing a darker... READ MORE

Can One Micro-Needling treatment show results or are are multiple treatments usually required?

I am considering professional microneedling around the eyes area. The esthetician mentioned it may take more than one treatment or "upkeep" treatments. Does this mean little or... READ MORE

Areola Plasty and reducing Areola Size after a Breast Revision? (photo)

I am 3 months post op a breast revision. The doctor did not reduce my areola size as I had asked, I am very unhappy with the assymetry and mostly size. I am considering either... READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Marionette Lines/Naso Labial ? Pelleve or Ulthera?

I am just beginning to get Marionette lines, they have not yet formed into deep wrinkles, just the beginning of that fat pocket and indentation starting. Which laser is best... READ MORE

Thermage VS Pelleve ? Which is better for orbital area lax skin and collagen production?

I am trying to decide between Pelleve and Thermage for lax brow skin and the beginning of some orbital wrinkling. I do not like botox or fillers, so I would like to find other... READ MORE

Can Pelleve damage skin?

I've had two Pelleve treatments and my eye area looks worse (Ive taken before and after photos). I am afraid to get the third treatment, is it possible for Pelleve to cause... READ MORE

Ematrix, Affirm, Fraxil Repair, CoolLaser, Thermage, Cooltouch? Which is superior for collagen production?

Hi! I've tried Ulthera, Total FX, Pelleve and chemical peels administered by reputable Dr's-----ALL gave ZERO result ! I do not yet have set wrinkles, but I have premature... READ MORE

Can Thermage and Pelleve cause Permanent damage to fat/collagen?

I recently got Pelleve treatments and the lax skin/wrinkles around my eyes became worse. Is it possible for Pelleve to damage fat or collagenin the orbital area, without... READ MORE

What is the maximum temperature than can be used with Pelleve?

What is the maximum temperature that can be used with Pelleve and is there any chance that Pelleve's highest temperatures could destroy facial fat? READ MORE

Can Pelleve heated to 47 Degrees cause fat loss?

If a doctor were to heat the Pelleve machine to 47-50 degrees, would that possibly cause permanent fat loss? READ MORE

Can Ulthera or Pelleve damage cheekbone fat?

I recently had 2 pelleve treatments and one Ulthera treatment. I wish I had never done this, my previously High cheekbones now appear low and flattened, while the lower cheek... READ MORE

Can I get an IPL to remove sun damage if I have Jessner's disease or some other Autoimmune Skin Disorder?

I was diagnosed with Jessner's Disease, which leave inflamed red rings on the surface of the skin. I only have one red ring, can I get an IPL to remove sun damage even though I... READ MORE

What is the highest temperature the Pelleve Machine can reach? And can there be a risk of fat loss?

I recently had Pelleve, my wrinkling and lax skin around the eyes worsened after the treatment. Is there any chance at all Pelleve could have damaged fat on my face? I know the... READ MORE

Will DermaPen Needling with Stem Cell Serum applied afterwards improve the lax skin and collagen loss around the eye area?

Will DermaPen Needling with Stem Cell Serum applied afterwards improve the lax skin and collagen loss around the eye area? Botox is not effective in that area, because my... READ MORE

Will the Pixel laser create collagen around the eye area?

Will Pixel create collagen and help lax skin around the inner brow and eye area? I am just starting to lose some collagen there , getting extra skin under my eye brows and... READ MORE

How soon after Ultherapy can I do a DermaPen treatment?

I am interested in getting Dermapen around the eye area, but I had Ultherapy 4 months ago and do not want to mess up the process of the Ultherapy working. READ MORE

Recent comments from Anna07

I think a lot of the positive experiences are overly optimistic people who buy into their Dr's fake compliments . I think the best result anyone will receive from Pelleve is NO result. JMO Radio frequency has proven to be risky on... READ COMMENT

I had fat loss around my eyes after Pelleve. The doctor turned the machine up to almost 50 degrees C. (I had two treatments, 2 weeks apart) Within a week after the second treatment my eye area became MORE wrinkled, my partner and... READ COMMENT

I had fat loss around my eyes after Pelleve. The doctor turned the machine up to almost 50 degrees C. (I had two treatments, 2 weeks apart) Within a week after the second treatment my eye area became MORE wrinkled, my partner and... READ COMMENT

Pelleve is an RF treatment not referred to as a "laser", regardless it is dangerous and unpredictable when used! I had 3.0 transducer Pelleve applied over my cheekbone area and orbital zone. I've always had the appearance of naturally... READ COMMENT

Please note that PELLEVE also destroys fat. I went to a reputable Dr in Beverly Hills for Pelleve, my wrinkles around the eyes were considerably worse after Pelleve. It was heated to 47-50 degrees atleast with the 3.0 device. Stay... READ COMMENT