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(1yr update explant + lift) Happy to see them go - 350cc silicone gummies removed on 11/5/13

I've been living with my implants since Feb 2007. I was initially very conflicted about getting implants in the first place because I hated the thought of having something foreign in my body. I had two children and breast fed both of them. I was always a b-cup and had no issues being that size. However, when I was nursing my kids I enjoyed having full c/d cups and I guess you could say got... READ MORE

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Lisaroxy....wonderful videos. If you haven't tried it or didn't know, you can also use gelatin for great skin, nails and hair. It substitutes for bone broth when you don't have time to make it. I use Great Lakes gelatin and I have... READ COMMENT

Mouthy....yes, I did have to sign a waiver. My husband and I debated about signing it. We are both fighters and my husband has this passion for justice being done. We felt the whole surgery should have been covered or at least the... READ COMMENT

2bnatural, Thank you for what you said. I remember reading your story back when I was waiting to explant and healing from surgery. It's tough to tell people what to do with their bodies when they have a decision to make. I spent a lot... READ COMMENT

Given this has happened to more than one woman it's hard to say it's coincidence. Very upsetting! To think Dr. Stevens has written med journals and taught at UCLA medical.....very scary. You would think that this person was credible or... READ COMMENT

I finally got around to reading your story. I'm so glad you are able to enjoy being yourself again. Interesting thing is...we both went to the same practice to have our implants put in and taken out. Dr. Stevens did mine and he used... READ COMMENT