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My Breast Implant Removal Journey - United Kingdom, GB

I have had implants 20 years ago and to be honest I have been very happy with the look that they gave me;feminine and womanly... Recently I felt pain in my left breast like an aching and so having booked into the NHS local hospital, was told I had capsule contraction in the left boob. I was told that the leakage was retained in the capsule which made me feel a little better. Anyway, I... READ MORE

Questions from msprincess

An Ultrasound confirms a rupture and a couple of months later a MRI shows NO rupture? Why is this?? (photo)

I originally noticed hardening to the left boob. An ultrasound shows silicon leaking out and rippling to the outer edge of the implant. Although my boob has changed between... READ MORE

Do I need a full capsule removal? What's calcification? Does a physical exam or MRI show calcification if it's present? (photo)

MRI shows no rupture of 20 yr old silicon implants. Both boobs are soft to touch but L boob has slight CC (almost undetectable to the naked eye) and if pressed hard boob is... READ MORE

Can I downsize my implants without a breast uplift? (Photo)

I have 260cc implants, low profile overs with slight CC in one breast. Is it possible to have implants removed and replaced with smaller implants; I was thinking of 230cc, but... READ MORE

How long must I wait after removal to have new implants?

I have very recently had my implants removed due to CC. I struggled to make a decision regarding replacement or just removal as I had pressures from elsewhere clouding my... READ MORE

Haematoma/seroma? What is meant by putting "glue" in the cavity wall?

I had C.C. so had implants removed a year ago. Capsules were left in. Immediately one of my breasts swelled up. Dark fluid has been drained off three times but refills... READ MORE

Discussions started by msprincess

Help!! I just don't know what to do

I have had my implants for 20 yrs. I now have CC. I don't know whether to remove and then will have no more surgeries. Also I am in the higher risk category for breast cancer,... READ MORE

Recent comments from msprincess chopped my message off before I had finished so I'll carry on here..... I know it looks pretty damn amazing you are proof of that. I wondered if you could explain what the concept facelift is in more detail. Is it the threads... READ COMMENT

Hi. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have to say I'm sooooo envious. You look so amazing. I really pleased for you because I'm at that stage where I'm feeling pretty ugly. I've been so happy with myself for years but suddenly I... READ COMMENT

Hi. Just to say you look absolutely fantastic. I am looking for a surgeon. I am pretty uneducated at the moment in face surgery but just know I want it doing. Your life sounds just like mine and I think my life is starting to show on my... READ COMMENT

Hi. Congratulations!! You look absolutely amazing. I would want to wake up and look in the mirror every day if my face looked so good. Thank you for sharing your experience and photos. I know nothing about facelift procedures but know I... READ COMMENT

Hi Hun. I had implants removed a year ago and my breast shape is now nothing like it was at five months. I think at 12 months you are pretty much at the end end of any future post surgical change. I do hope you get sorted...and agree... READ COMMENT