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Yellow Horizontal Ridge from Botelero or Restaisse - Highland Park, IL

I had Resaisse put into the area between my jaw and my bottom lip (on the sides only) where he said I had lost volume. That looks terrific. He told me he was putting the same filler in my tear troughs and I have a yellow horizontal ridge at the point of insertion UNDER the tear troughs... and a deep depression beneath them that is worse when I smile. Later they said it was Botelero. I am... READ MORE

Questions from curiousbutunsure

Endotine Mid Face Lift- What Can I Expect in Terms of Length of Time Bruising Swelling?

I am considering the endotine mid face lift. The surgeon's website is quite honest saying "considerable" swelling and bruising. I went to another ps who is the other major... READ MORE

Can Deep Depressions in Butt Fat Be Smoothed?

I know some call it cellulite but that is usually cottage cheese like. I am talking about involuntary "winking" with each step I take. I discovered this in seeing a family... READ MORE

Does Some Glue Stop Bruising in Facelifts?

If so, what is it called? Does it add significant cost to the surgery? READ MORE

Will Botox Really Elevate the Lateral Brow?

I am only 45 and thought I would save surgery for when I am older if something like Botox would actually "lift" my brow a bit an not just remove the 11's READ MORE

Why Would my Eyes Begin Looking in Opposite Directions at Age 42 when I Have No History of Lazy Eye?

I was recently shocked to see my eyes looking in two wildly opposite directions in a photo recently. I never had eye issues in my life. I thought lazy eye was something you had... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Make Your Skin Thicker with Collagen Than the C02 Resurfacing Because the Pixels Go Deeper?

I know co2 gives the best erasing of age spots and fine wrinkles but if my skin is actually all over very thin I was wondering if the fraxel pixels actually go deeper than the... READ MORE

What Has Caused This Curtain Effect Under my Eyes? I Am Only 46. (photo)

I did have a wasting illness 10 years ago that caused me to have a 17 or 18 bmi. I am a normal body weight now, however. Maybe that illness is what did it because nobody in my... READ MORE

Will Laser Thicken This Skin in a Clinically Significant Way? Will It Be Too Dangerous on Skin This Thin? (photo)

Note how thin the skin is on the bridge of the nose? I believe that is a significant blood supply type of vein. Would laser be too dangerous on skin this thin? Which type of... READ MORE

Is the Area in This Photo Under the Jaw Considered the Area for Lower Face Lift or for Neck Lift? (photo)

I don't know which procedure to ask for. I am 46. I have a special event to be at the first week of Sept and have heard lower facelift is a fairly easy recovery but wasn't sure... READ MORE

What Has Caused This Bazaar Crepe Effect on my 46 Year Old Neck and What Procedure Will Fix It? (photo)

Neck lift? Lower face lift? Laser? Thermage? I think surgery is the only way to deal with this and I hate to spend a lot of money on barely noticable treatments when I will not... READ MORE

Does Laser Cause Skin to Produce an Authentic Collagen or is the Benefit More in the Resurfacing and Removing Sun Damage?

Don't get me wrong, I do see great benefit in removing sun damage but I am wondering if there is a legitimate benefit in stimulating collogen that will benefit the patient with... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Remove Lumpy Radiesse Be Removed from Tear Trough?

I just had it done yesterday and I have a horizontal linear ridge just below the tear trough under each eye and then there is this big dip underneath it especially when I smile. READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Botelero (Fille) Ridge Lump?

I get so confused because with Radiesse all the doctor's answers seem to say it just takes time... but sometimes they say it must be treated within the first few weeks with... READ MORE

Since Co2 Laser Done Conservatively Seems to Be the Safest Bet, is Safe to Do More Than Once in a Lifetime?

Years ago I recall some resurfacing technique could only be done once in your life. I am not sure if that is true of resurfacing methods today. READ MORE

Why Do Some Ps Do Laser During a Facelift and Others Feel It Isn't Safe Do to a Blood Supply Issue?

It is so confusing for a patient. I mean, isn't there some protocol to follow or something? I don't know why they disagree. READ MORE

Would Using Hydronaise to Diminish a Lump from an HA Filler Also Cause It to Eradicate the Nat'l HA That is in the Skin As Well?

I am wondering if using this injection to break down a poorly injected hydrolonic acid filler in my troughs would also cause it to break down my body's naturally occuring HA as... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause a Loss of Volume?

I saw photos of a woman with dramatic loss of volume to her temples that she says were caused by the Botox. Have any of you doctors seen this adverse effect? READ MORE

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Has anybody had success getting a lump smoothed that you got from a filler? Any recourse financially or asthetically?

I had Radiesse injected into my tear troughs and area between my lower lip and chin/jawline to the tune of 800 dollars.  Lower part of my face looks good.  I have a... READ MORE

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Have you heard an answer on the price for Moelleken? I am from Illinois, too! I am also thinking about flying out there in the next several months READ COMMENT

Well, originally I rated his bedside manner low because he had his staff call me after the email I sent him where I stated how disappointed I was. Actually, in person he is very cordial and fine. It is in the after care where he... READ COMMENT

Wow... I know this might sound too early to say this, but I can already see a more youthful you showing through. The lips look sooo pretty. I am curious about the increased volume we now see in your tear trough area. I wonder if it... READ COMMENT