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breast augmentation - revision 2 & 3 - Miami, FL

Can only write one review per topic - so have to include these two in this review. After an accident in the end of 2006 - I was left with a deflated implant. I did not have the money to get surgery at that time - so just lived with the deflated implant for almost 5 years. I did things like wear pads in my bra in the side where I had the deflated implant - it was horrible, and I never... READ MORE

breast augmentation revision -Miami, FL

Revision for one breast implant not falling down into pocket - also increased size of implants to better fit my body. 600cc filled to 700cc - saline - Mentor smooth round - style 68. Very happy with results until an accident 7 1/2 yrs later left me with a deflated implant. This recovery was tough - I had a lot of pain - and I have a very high pain tolerance. I felt like a horse... READ MORE

breast augmentation - Miami, FL

Breast Augmentation - 375 cc - saline - filled to 400 Went from a 34-36 A - very deflated after breastfeeding - to a C One implant was sitting higher that the other - as if the implant never dropped into the pocket Wasn't happy with the result or size - I have a broad wide chest / shoulder area and the implants still were too small for my body type Scheduled revision surgery for 6 months... READ MORE

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These! I like how you start out with all the things you're unhappy with, then add "on a positive note!" Pretty funny =-) Don't stress - whatever gets done, gets done, if it doesn't it will be OK! Try to relax and enjoy... READ COMMENT

I agree 100% deafsushi! Great advice. =-) READ COMMENT

I agree with the community- if this is what you want to do - you have to weigh the pros and the cons. Getting plastic surgery when done with a skilled surgeon who is ethical is relatively low risk - it is the anesthesia that is the... READ COMMENT

P.S. you are so welcome! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. =-) READ COMMENT

We have identical stats (height/weight/before BA size) and with 400cc implant my first time around - I was a C cup. For the look you are going for I would say you have to go at least 550cc and overfill (if you are getting saline) I... READ COMMENT