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Depressed a Week out

I had a medial thigh lift, lipo , and fat grafting to the buttocks. These scars are a week out. I am disappointed and getting depressed. The doctor was saying how well u looked but I don't feel like that. These scars are nasty. I've had a tummy tuck and my breast done and scars are thin, flat, and to the skin not meaty and buckled looking like this?I was told to use bacitracin ointment on... READ MORE

Questions from 2muchmaintenance

Thigh Lift, Lipo, and Fat Grafting to Buttocks

Can a thigh lift, lipo-suction of the flanks and fat grafting to the buttocks be done. Is this safe and would you recommend all three procedures at once? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel a Stinging and Burning Sensation in the Crease of One Leg Which Keeps Swelling 3 Weeks Out?

The left leg swells from time to time. The doctor said it's from the Lipo but I also see a small whole that isn't quite closed within the groin area on the left. The doctor... READ MORE

Does the Fatt Settle in the Buttocks Once You Have a Fatt Transfer Done?

My ps placed the fatt in the upper sacrium and he sucked out my hips. I wanted my but rounder in the middle not the top. What can I do about this what are my options? READ MORE

Will my Buttocks Eventually Be Round? (photo)

The Fat Was Placed in the Upper Sacrum and my Hips Were Lipo in Which I Am Disappointed. As you can see my gluteal crease isn't a crease anymore. I am four weeks out this... READ MORE

Did my Ps Hit my Lymph Node?

My left leg is still sensitive and swollen from medial thigh lift with lipo on both legs. The right side is doing well and doesn't bother me. Swelling is completely gone on... READ MORE

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I didn't sit in a recliner either my bed was the right height. Thank God READ COMMENT

If you have a lot of skin you may want to skin consider hetting the fat gratted to your but. I didn't have a whole lot of fat so my results are minimal but on this site you can google fat graft to buttocks and a lot of people have great... READ COMMENT

Yes the maintenance of it all is crazy. I had some kind of thing you hold between your legs to urine in and also I ordered the raised toilet seat off of amazon which was a big help. READ COMMENT

Ok will do I have betadine already! READ COMMENT

Ok let me know if you see a difference in the scar after you finish the antibiotics I go back to the doctor in Tuesday. I really wonder if I have an infection as well because now that it's not burning and stinging, it's not tender or... READ COMMENT