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Perlane for Cheek Hollows and Restylane Under Eyes - Seattle, WA

I had 0.8ml of Restylane L injected in tear troughs (0.4ml per eye) and a lot of Perlane in my cheek hollows (2.5ml on right side, 3.2ml on left side). I went to a dermatologist who only does esthetic procedures. The doctor originally estimated much less product for the cheeks. But while she was injecting, she told me that she really thought I could use more. She applied numbing cream... READ MORE

Questions from AnnaSeattle

Swelling After Perlane? (photo)

Yesterday, I had .8 ml Restylane injected into tear troughs. Perlane injections to fill out cheek hollows, 2.5ml in right and 3.2ml in left. I am sore, in some pain and have... READ MORE

Dermal Fillers and Botox: Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist?

Since these treatments are not surgery, a dermatologist who only treats the skin would be more specialized at these kinds of treatment. Who wants a plastic surgeon concerned... READ MORE

Long-term Effects of Botox and Dermal Fillers?

I started having Botox (forehead) and dermal fillers (NBL, cheeks, tear trough, sometimes lips) about 3 years ago. I love the result, so subtle and natural looking. I continue... READ MORE

Possible problem with first time HA temple filler?

Temples injected with HA filler, needle just below the skin. First time. During left temple, sudden urgent pressing, Dr. abruptly left, returned after 20sec, more pressing.... READ MORE

Aspiration before injection of HA filler. Is it safe?

I'm very scared of having filler injected into an artery. After watching several demonstrations on youtube, I see none of the doctors aspirate before injecting. Why not? I've... READ MORE

Broken capillaries and redness 5 weeks after Restylane filler in nasolabial folds. How to avoid this in the future? (Photo)

After complaining of volume loss, not wrinkles, in N/L folds, the Dr. injected 1 ml of Restylane on sides of nose, not along the sides of the mouth. Now I have broken... READ MORE

Do I need more or less Restylane to fix new dents under tear troughs after filler injection? (Photo)

I had Restylane (0.4 on the left and 0.3 on the right) injected in tear troughs 2 weeks ago to address a little volume loss under the eye bone and above the cheek especially on... READ MORE

Does mesobotox give you a lift?

I saw a doctor in the Philippines to discuss some facial volume loss. I've have some fillers now, but the results are not exactly what I wanted mainly because the previous... READ MORE

How to make Restylane absorb faster? (Photo)

I was slightly over injected in one tear trough with Restylane. I've will not get Hyaluronidase because it's minor and will probably look much better once more Restylane is... READ MORE

Botox wearing off in six weeks?

I went to a new doctor and had Botox on the forehead, 11's, and crow's feet exactly 6 weeks ago. Initially, it was beautiful. But now, I have creasing and significant movement... READ MORE

How to get tear trough filler put in the correct place?

With age, I have a depression under the tear trough area, not under my eye. It's actually a depression about cm away from and running diagonally parallel to the side of my nose... READ MORE

Can you get Botox sooner than 3 months?

My botox (forehead, 11's, crows feet) wears off on the crows feet usually around 2 months. Is it alright to have botox injected again, just as a touch up for the crow's feet... READ MORE

Temple filler deep and superficial at the same time?

I move for work very often, so I'm forced to see different dermatologists or plastic surgeons for fillers and botox. I had filler injected deeply in November. Loved it and now,... READ MORE

Obagi Nu-Derm or Obagi C-RX?

I'm 39 and have combination skin, problems with black and a occasional white heads, no pimples, just a few fine lines, and in recent years melasma. The brown spots on my cheeks... READ MORE

Recent comments from AnnaSeattle

I also had swelling every month for about 6 months just before my period. The swelling was in my tear trough area where I had Restylane injections. As Bronte, says, most doctors aren't aware of this link for women. I'm guessing it may... READ COMMENT