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My CO2 Laser Experience ' Day By Day " - Whom, What, When, Why, How and RESULTS of the CO2 Laser Resurfacing -Sydney, AU

I finally did! I had CO2 Laser Resurfacing to my face today! Bit of a background… Whom, What, When, Why and How extra! - I am 31 years young. I set out on this laser journey to get rid of my fine lines, improve the overall texture of my skin, as after years of struggling with breakouts and... READ MORE

I Had LED Light Therapy to Speed Up the Healing Process and Reduce Redness After CO2 Fractional Laser - Sydney, AU

Just wanted to let you all now that i five LED Light Therapy treatments to speed up the Heelling process and reduce the redness after having CO2 Fractional Laser resurfacing to my face. .......and it worked wonders.Reducing the redness in half the normal time and as a bonus it is so... READ MORE

My Christmas Holiday Glow !! Thanks to the the Pulsed Light 570 Skin Rejuvenation Treatment. - Sydney, AU

I am hooked on this treatment!. Finally i have found a treatment that gives me glowing skin from the inside out and with NO DOWNTIME ! i am so pleased with the results from just from one 45 minute treatment. i have booked myself in every month for 2014. i wish i had it done for my wedding... READ MORE

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Hi Mrs Women, my mum is booked in to have this treatment with Jenner Chan at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic. My mother is 61 years old and had CO2 fractional laser last year for her 60th and had the most amazing results and found Jenner... READ COMMENT

Hi Swotty , No i didn't use any creams. Just rinsed out baby wipes three times a day padded onto my face ( just to make sure the face is keep clean ! i was advised not to keep the face moist as the face need to dry out. look forward... READ COMMENT

Hi i am one person that is well known for dark circles under my eyes. But since having the treatment i haven't noticed them all the best READ COMMENT

Hi thanks for the interest in my progress. i hope you are doing well and are enjoying the results. out of interest why did you just get your eyes done? i ask as you went through the same recovery as me getting your whole face done ! READ COMMENT

Hi Syeda, its so worth it. i look ten years younger! And my skin looks amazing check out ************* Ask for Jenner she will be able to do a treatment plan for you to say good bye to your ace Scars. all the best ! READ COMMENT