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Surgery for Long Face?

I have a long face shape and it is mainly the middle of my face that is long; my forehead and chin are normal length. The problem is that when I smile, the long face shape... READ MORE

Is Chemical Peel Right for Me?

When I was little, I accidentally scratched myself on the forehead and that has resulted in a permanent red mark and the skin is slightly dented. It has been six years now and... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Chin Surgery?

I have a long middle face and a receding chin and I'm considering getting surgery to improve it. If I find a qualified and experienced doctor, how likely is the risk of death... READ MORE

Surgery to Show More Teeth?

I have a long middle face which is usually associated with gummy smile however my situation is different. Whenever I smile barely any teeth is shown. What type of surgery can... READ MORE

Will Braces or Jaw Surgery Fix My Overbite?

I have a slight overbite and a receding chin. Will braces be able to help fix my overbite and receding chin? Or should I consider surgery to move my lower jaw forward? READ MORE

Will Braces Fix My Overbite?

I have a class 2 malocclusion and it is a result of my underdeveloped chin. I plan on getting a sagittal split osteotomy in the future to move my lower jaw forward in order to... READ MORE

If I'm Traveling to Have Orthognathic Surgery Should I Travel to Get Braces As Well?

I have a class 2 malocclusion as a result of my receded chin. Sagittal split osteotomy with braces before and after surgery would fix it but it requires collaboration between... READ MORE

Do I Need To Get Braces Before Orthognathic Surgery?

I have a class 2 malocclusion as a result of my receded chin. I plan on getting sagittal split osteotomy to move my lower jaw forward, but I don't really like the surgeons in... READ MORE

What Treatments Can Help With Excessive Sweating?

I sweat a lot on my face and palms especially when I find myself in awkward or embarrassing social situations. I'll also start sweating excessively when I get worried or when... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery Risk of Nerve Damage?

I'm planning on a sagittal split osteotomy that moves my lower jaw forward to fix my bite and receded chin. How likely is permanent nerve damage? If the nerve damage is... READ MORE

Does Orthognathic Surgery Require Braces?

I'm getting sagittal split osteotomy in CA to correct my receded chin that has resulted in an overbite. Are braces required before, during, and after this surgery (meaning I'll... READ MORE

Should I See A Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon?

I have a dented red scar in the shape of a zig-zag on the center of my forehead that has resulted from an accidental scratch. Should I see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to... READ MORE

Are Retainers Required After Functional Orthodontics?

I am 15 and I have a receded chin and an overbite that I would like to fix with functional orthodontics. Would I have to wear a retainer for life if I do decide to move my... READ MORE

Appropriate Age to Get Orthognathic Surgery?

I have a long mid-facial bone and a long chin. What is an appropriate age for one to get facial bone shortening surgery? Generally, would a 17 year old girl be old enough? READ MORE

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Beverly Hills is a great place to go to to get your boobs done, but Seoul is the place to go if you want eyelids done. READ COMMENT

Why Japan? Seoul is probably the best place to go to if you want double eyelid surgery. I went to Seoul to get double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction. You should consider getting ptosis correction if you want your eyelashes to face... READ COMMENT

That sucks, I got my eyes done in Seoul and it turned out great. Maybe you should look into it since the doctors in Seoul are very experienced in eyelid surgery. READ COMMENT