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I'm 46 and my Skin is Damaged from the Sun and Has Some Wrinkles/lines with some Scarring. Which Peel Would Work Best? (photo)

I have included pics and hope to receive some answers. I feel the botox makes me look abnormal, so I haven't gone back. I've read that the Obagi peel is just a weaker TCA peel.... READ MORE

At Age 46 I Feel That my Breasts Are Starting to Sag. Implants or a Lift with Accompanying Scars? (photo)

My breasts are 34DDs and measure 17cm. There is slight asymmetry, maybe 50cc. I have always liked the way they look and wondered if implants would keep them up for a while and... READ MORE

47yo, weigh 130, 5' 7", 34G breasts, still pretty firm. Do I need a lift or can I get by with just an implant?

There is about four inches between the bottom of my nipples to my breast fold. I want Lipo for my upper/lower and, my back bra line and flanks. I work out but have to take... READ MORE

Help! Why am I having so much pain after a face and neck lift? 5 days post.

Face/neck lift 5 days ago. Woke up from surgery in pain and told staff 4 other times. 'Everyone reacts differently' was what they said. I had 10 5mg lortab which I made last... READ MORE

I asked about lack of pain control last week. I want to know if everything looks fine or are there flaws to address? (Photo)

I'm 2 weeks out from lower face lift and neck lift. I want to know if this looks good or if I need to have any corrections now, while it can still be fixed. I think it looks... READ MORE

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It looks very nice. You have a beautiful neck. Could you post a before picture? READ COMMENT

I wanted to tell you that you have a lovely result. I know you must be thrilled with the way you look, even if you're not thrilled with your husband right now. READ COMMENT

OMG, my husband told his best friend(who has a gossipy wife) that I was thinking of a lower face lift. I was like 'You're joking, right?' and 'WTH were you thinking... Now I can't even get it done!'. I was torn up by this, but then the... READ COMMENT

You look very good and it sounds like you're happy. The size doesn't look that different and when I first talked to you I was surprised you wanted new implants since they looked so good, but when I saw your video of how very firm the... READ COMMENT

My sister-in-law was told she could not have a child but then 7 years later had got pregnant with my niece. She ended up getting a complete hysterectomy, but still gets little blonde hairs on her face that she makes me pluck. She is... READ COMMENT