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Signs of early capsular contracture? 6 weeks post op.

Its been 6 weeks post-op since my surgery. I've noticed that my right breast gets harder at times, especially when laying down. It feels more like a ball moving around. My... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, uneven breasts, and not dropping on one side?

Should I be worried that my right implant isn't dropping? It's only dropped a slight bit since surgery, it's not sore, and never was. It's so noticeably larger than my other... READ MORE

Muscle tightness vs capsular contracture?

I've noticed since day one my left implant has riding a bit higher and hasn't completely dropped to-date, like my right one has. I had a bad feeling about this one from the... READ MORE

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I really don't understand why people claim to "love their job" and have a passion for what they're doing, which is why they chose to work in the industry, yet get so incredibly bitter about it. This is the nature of the industry you... READ COMMENT

If all you can do is complain about your job, then don't work in the industry. It's the nature of the industry and the job in which you chose to work in. I specifically chose not to work as a waitress because I knew the job is complete... READ COMMENT

Just double checking, it was only $156?! READ COMMENT

It's probably too soon to have a revision, the dropping process takes at least 4 months to complete. I asked this question to doctors on this website and they all said the same thing. So don't worry too much! I'm about 8 weeks now and... READ COMMENT

Is it weird that I'm going through all the same stages you have. We have the same implants size, hp, and bwd. I'm 7 weeks and my left breast hasn't dropped and it so much bigger! :( it's driving me nuts, but I keep looking at your... READ COMMENT