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No. I want to make it clear to You... You are the one here giving false reviews because you couldn't accept that people do make mistakes. You didn't post the text where I rectify that I had copied and pasted the wrong price as I have... READ COMMENT

Thank you for clarifying how you were never my client. Your review is false. . I am glad you posted the first message between you and I. Which I give you the price that everyone gets. However you say they weren't on IG and they are.... READ COMMENT

I don't know who kristy is. However i reffered you to a NY Columbia presbysterian Doctor and a Nirse who os a columbia viaiting nurse. both licensed to perform these procedures. It's under their scope of licensing. As I told you I... READ COMMENT

You conveniently posted parts of the conversation that you wanted and didn't posts those were it shows how I replied to you about rectifying the mistake of the price as I have many pkgs and many treatments, as I explained to you then, I... READ COMMENT

You were never my client. And you clearly lied because in the text it shows were I rectify myself about the copy and paste mistake that I did. However, you should post clear and truthful reviews and anyone that has common sense and... READ COMMENT