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500cc's, High Profile, Natrelle Silicone: 33yr Old.Partial Under Muscle, Partial Sub Glandular: 123lbs:) BEFORE & AFTERS Finally

3 days post op, lots of pain still; went 500cc's undermuscle, high profile, Natrelle Silicone. The pain has been tolerable with medicine but the worst part of all of this was the after effect of the antibiotics given prior to surgery. My whole upper body & face is covered in a bright red rash & my entire face is covered in pin dot sized pustules. Im taking Tetracycline as well now to fight... READ MORE

amazing results! !! - Vancouver, BC

I had a mini lip injection yesterday with Dr Thompson and WOW!!!! They are gorgeous:) I have a renewed feeling of beauty & am beyond pleased. Dr Thompson was wonderfully kind & informative & the best part is not only that the procedure itself was virtually painless, but the INSTANT fullness of my lips!:) HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended! !:) Thankyou Dr Thompson! :) -Jasmine My best friend & I... READ MORE

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Right breast red, not swollen or hot to the touch; 3 days post BA? (photo)

J had my surgery Friday morning & as if this Monday morning (3 days in), my right breast is red. There is no extra swelling, itchiness or heat. Help? READ MORE

3 Months Post-op, Breasts Not Sitting Right. Am I Bottoming Out? (photos)

I am 3 months post op and have noticed my breasts are not sitting "right". The crease incision scar seems high & the spacing between my breasts is uneven. I took pictures in a... READ MORE

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Oh my goodness!!!!!!! If you erase your profile, our boobie community will be lost!!!:( do you just have too much on the go? I hope everything's ok love, you have been a saving grace for me thru this experience and I'm always so super... READ COMMENT

Hey sweetie! I'm ok today...,my boyfriend super comforted me and assured me. I figure until I see my PS, who better knows your breasts than your partner right:) hehe...,, until I see my PS, I am just keeping a close eye on my incision... READ COMMENT

Hey you:) Thankyou, I have never even heard of Stratisse but will look into it. I went to purchase new bras today as All of the sports bras I have are no longer properly carrying the weight of my breasts (since they've dropped, have... READ COMMENT

I am thinking as of today that I "may" have over reacted. But I am still not entirely sure....I see my PS on May 11th as she is away. If there are any further changes at all, I will go directly to the surgery clinic to see if they are... READ COMMENT

Hey girl, Thankyou.....My boyfriend came home and had a thorough look and thinks they have just dropped and look fine. Hearing his words and have him look closely at my breasts & scars was so comforting for me.....Thankyou again, I will... READ COMMENT