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Question on Bandages for Otoplasty?

I am having otoplasty next week for my lop ears.My doctor informed that both cartilage scoring and some conchal excision will be employed. Dissolvable sutures would be used. I... READ MORE

12 Days Post-otoplasty - Ears Relaxed Slightly?

Hi, I had otoplasty surgery done on 29th july. Bandage removed on 5th day, stitches removed. Cartilage scoring and excision were used. I was pleased as the ears were intially... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Otoplasty. Left Ear Seems Lower Than Right Ear and Tip is Slighlty Drooping Outwards? (photo)

Am about 8 weeks post-otoplasty.ears were initially ‘flat’ against head. As swelling subsided, I noticed that the tip of my left ear was drooping slightly fwd in Wk 2. The lef... READ MORE