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Three years of research, and I finally have the body I've always wanted!

Hi all, I'm a 38 year old police officer and figure competitor. I have not had children. The stretch marks you see are all thanks to a growth spurt when I was a teenager. I have been considering BA for the past 3 years. I went for a round of consultations in 2010, then didn't go any further. Since I have gotten back into competing more seriously the desire to "fill out" my sparkly competition... READ MORE

Questions from Figure Girl

Figure Competitor with Visible Stretch Marks? (photo)

Hi, For several years I have been wanting breast implants to fill my deflated A/B cup breasts. I am a figure (fitness) competitor, which means when I am in competition season I... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift When I Get Implants? (photo)

This is a two part question... I am planning to go under the muscle. Do you think I need a lift with the BA? And, will under the muscle cause my breasts to point outwards?... READ MORE

Is the Biplane Technique a Better Option over Dual Plane for Athletic Women Seeking Augmentation? (photo)

I live in Toronto, Canada and read an article on Pubmed about Dr Umar Khan's biplane implant placement technique. He's a UK doc that developed this technique in 2007. I was... READ MORE

Subglandular Silicone in Lean Athletes? (photo)

So, I just went to another consultation. This time the doctor was 100% adamant that I needed subglandular placement, explaining that unders would sit too high on my chest due... READ MORE

What Size, Shape, Implant, is Best? (photo)

My left breast measures 21cm from my sternum to areola, right is 20cm. From nipple to inframammary is 7cm on both breasts. Width is 11.8cm - Measurements taken by a board... READ MORE

Do Breast Implants Make Pre-menstrual Breast Pain Worse?

I suffer from pre-menstrual and mod-month breast pain. It's awful. My breasts are sore all the time it seems. Will above muscle breast implants make it worse? Would dual plane... READ MORE

Moderate Plus or Full Profile for Upper Pole Fullness? (photo)

I have old silver stretch marks from a growth spurt in my teens. I know implants wont affect them too significantly, but I'm hoping they will at least stretch out the stretch... READ MORE

Moderate Plus or Full Profile for Better Upper Pole Fullness? (photo)

Stats are 5'4", 118lbs, muscular figure competitor, bwd 11.8. Surgery sched for Nov 2. My PS isn't really giving me any absolutes, and I'm not sure if that's generally how they... READ MORE

Can't Decide Between 339cc or 371cc Mod+ Profile, or 340cc High Profile Implants. Surgery Booked for November 2? (photo)

My stats: Height - 5'4" Weight - 118lbs Muscular build BWD - 11.8cm Chest - 34" Flat A/B cup My surgeon suggested peri-areolar incision. I want dual plane placement. I am a... READ MORE

Can I go into the ocean two weeks after implants - sub muscular, periareolar incision?

I am getting implants on November 2nd. I have a trip to Costa Rica booked November 15-21. Will I be able to go into the ocean or a swimming pool? Obviously swimming will be out... READ MORE

Did my PS create a lower fold to correct asymmetry?

I have a concern about my asymmetry. I think my PS must have created a lower pocket (fold) on my left breast to even them out, but it's hard to tell. When I do my massages I... READ MORE

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I also have flex distortion. The left boob is fine, but my right one nearly hits my collar bone! My PS offered to move them over muscle for free. So, I'm tentatively booked for October 17. I'm still unsure I want to go through surgery... READ COMMENT

Hi, sorry I haven't done an update for a while. I am back to lifting heavy again. I don't do push ups or heavy pec dec or anything that feels like they would pull my boobs to my armpits. I don't want to end up with them under my arms!... READ COMMENT

I got 339cc under muscle through the nipple. Surgery was a breeze and I was off pain meds by day 3. Check out my review. I was back in the gym doing cardio and lower body at 2 weeks and back upper body weights at 4. READ COMMENT

Ha ha, it was a learning curve, that's for sure! READ COMMENT

Awesome! Let us know how it goes! READ COMMENT