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Removing my 500cc over the Muscle Silicone Implants

In 1992 when I was 20 I had my first set of implants. I was a skinny kid with 32AAA breasts. Here are the surgeries I have had: 1992 - 325cc saline implants. I went from a 32AAA to a 34B+ 1993 - had 325cc implants overfilled to 350cc because of rippling. Now a 34B++ 1997 - went from 350cc saline to 550 silicone round smooth implants. Now a 34D 2003 - went from 550cc silicone implants to... READ MORE

I Wish I Wouldn't Have Let Him Talk Me out of Having Them REMOVED Instead of Replaced. 6 Year Review! -Winter Park, FL

I went to Dr. Hartog with my 700cc circus boobs wishing to have them explanted because like many women who have had circus boobs there becomes a point that you're DONE. After convincing me that I'd be disfigured I opted for 500cc replacement implants. MISTAKE. Still have circus boobs. Still unhappy. READ MORE

Questions from MBgirl

How Much Swelling is Too Much?

I had septo/turbinate/rhino on Tues. It's now Thurs. The swelling and pain has been unbearable for the past 2 days. I feel like my nose is being crushed under the cast and... READ MORE

Supratrochlear Nerve Damage from Open Rhinoplasty Possible?

I had a massive amount of swelling after open rhinoplasty (the glabella area just above the outer cast was the worst). The swelling caused the cast to dig into the skin around... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal After 21 Years (And a Total of 4 Augmentations)?

When I was 20 I got 325ish saline implants on my skinny 32AA 5'7 110lb frame which made me a 32C. In 1997 I got 550 silicone (34D). 2002 I got 700 silicone (34DD). In 2007 I... READ MORE

Replace 500cc with 250cc Doable?

Me: 5'7" 40yrs old 115lbs white thin skin 34D 500cc silicone over the muscle for 15 yrs - No scar tissue, very soft, v. minor ripping on one section of left breast. "A" cup... READ MORE

Recent comments from MBgirl

I am sorry you are unhappy. :( I guess it wont help for me to say that I think your nose actually looks really nice? I mean it. Your nose looked nice in the before pictures too. Please try to calm down and relax. I know it's hard... READ COMMENT

Have you spoken to Dr. Ramkin in Ft Lauderdale?? He's chief of PS at St Marys Medical Center so I suppose that means he's a decent doc ;) READ COMMENT

Doc told me the test to see if they are under or over is this: press your palms together infront of your chest as if you are praying. raise your elbow out to the side so they are the same level as your hands. press your hands... READ COMMENT

I haven't scheduled surgery - still in the consulting phase! ;) READ COMMENT

Actually, I just pulled up Dr. Khouri on the web and I actually did check him out already! What I don't like is that he pushes the fat transfer and all his photos are explant followed immediately by transfer. Pfft. I want someone who... READ COMMENT