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8 Sessions of Erbium Laser - Jakarta, Indonesia

I used to have very oily dull skin with large pores and saggy skin around my jaws that always turned into my ‘second chin’ when I looked down (since I was in high school). I suppose it was my bad habit of eating margarine as my snack (yes, it was crazy, I know) throughout my elementary school years. All women in my family have radiant flawless supple skin with INvisible pores (including my ... READ MORE

CO2 Laser (At the Power of 8) for Forehead - Jakarta, Indonesia

Before I did the CO2 laser, I had done about 7 Erbium laser for my face, and while I had seen positive improvements on my cheeks, jaws, chin and nose, I was not happy with the result shown on my forehead because the doctors who did the Erbium laser intentionally did only one quick pass on my forehead because they feared that I would feel extra discomfort because the forehead skin is thinner... READ MORE

Better Skin -Jakarta, Indonesia

I have many acne scars on my face and I have tried 3 sessions of chemical peeling without visible improvement. I had 5 sessions of dermaroller and after the second session, my pores look smaller so much that my relatives thought that I had laser treatment. Up to that point, I was still scared about having laser treatment, but then I met my old-time friend, who used to have acne scars as... READ MORE

Questions from Ira01

Serious Acne Scars? (photo)

I have very oily skin and had a lot of acne. To correct the scars, I have tried deep chemical peeling 3 times, dermaroller 5 times, and Erbium laser 7 times. My skin now looks... READ MORE

I have one dark spot on my lip, and I want to get rid of it to make the color even. Can IPL be used on lips?

I have one dark spot on my lip, and I want to get rid of it to make the color even. Is there any laser that can do the job? Can IPL be used on lips? READ MORE

How can I get rid of the orange peel look on my neck ? (photo)

I have had 8 sessions of Erbium laser treatment (3 - 8 weeks apart) on my face with great results. I want to try Erbium on my neck to get rid of the orange-peel look. Is it... READ MORE

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No, I meant USD30 (thirty) or 33 (in today's exchange rate) because it was only for the forehead area. They charge USD120 for the whole face. There are two other clinic chains that charge USD280 or USD660 per treatment, but I didn't go... READ COMMENT

The punctured wounds has dried after I leave the doctor's office. After the rolling, they applied the serum and betadine between 20minutes interval, and after about 20 minutes of betadine mask, they also applied the antibiotics (or... READ COMMENT

:-) I always go to the doctor because when I bleed, I think that means my skin is openly wounded. I want to make sure that sufficient preparation is done to sterilize my skin before the open wounds are created. And then there is the... READ COMMENT

I am suggesting you to do dermaroller with professionals, and I am not a doctor. The reason is because the producer of the brand 'dermaroller' mentioned that there are several sizes of the needles and the one intended to reduce the... READ COMMENT

I applied antibiotics cream (prescribed by the clinic) since day 1 until day 8. The peeling started on day 4 and completed on day 7. The redness was there for another week. However, notice that I am brown, hence I have some pigments to... READ COMMENT