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Why Do I Have Tiny Bumps 2 Weeks After Hair Laser Removal on my Bikini Line and Thighs?

Will these bumps go away eventually and is there anything I can put on to help them disappear READ MORE

Eye Wrinkles at 25. What Are my Best Options? Botox, Fillers, Laser or Surgery?

When I smile the skin under my eyes crinkles up and causes serious wrinkling. On the right eye a wrinkle goes all the way down on my cheek and on the same eye there are 3... READ MORE

Eyes Suddenly Have Deep Wrinkles. What Can I Do to Help Soften Them? (photo)

A year ago I did not have this problem. I've examined every picture ever taken of me. I just had a baby in May and am currently breastfeeding. Before my pregnancy though, my... READ MORE

How do I choose the right Breast implant size? (photo)

I am having a tummy tuck with a breast lift and augmentation in 2 weeks but I haven't chosen what size of implants to go with yet. I am 5'4 115 pounds. I want them to look very... READ MORE

Can you smoke when having belly button surgery? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck this last April 2014 but wasn't happy with my belly button. I have a revision to have it touched up in 3 days but went out this past weekend and had a few... READ MORE

Is this damage from laser hair removal? (photos)

I've been getting hair laser on the lower half of my body for two years but suddenly have purple blotchy legs. I went to my doctor & he said I have Livedo Reticularis. I... READ MORE