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Marista, I am so happy that you are happy with the result. I am still afraid and I guess I will have to have at least a two week stay at home without seeing anyone until the swelling goes down. Guess I will have to plan a two week... READ COMMENT

Wow! Thanks for the update. It's funny how we notice everything by ourselves, but no one else notices. I'm still apprehensive about getting the injections. I may wait until next year. Keep me informed if the left side goes down. I... READ COMMENT

I will be waiting for your updates. I am 64 and thinking about taking the plunge, but I'm scared. I have a thin face and don't want it to look plump. My chin and lines by my mouth need work. I didn't think it would take ten days to... READ COMMENT

I think you look great. Let us know how you are doing after one month. I want to get the juvederm, but I'm scared. Plus the upkeep and expense. I am 64 years old and figure if I don't do it now when will I ever get it done. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your great review. I just started using Latisse a week ago. Of course I haven't seen results, but I know it takes at least one month to show results. My lids and eyes are itchy, but I'm hoping will build up a tolerance... READ COMMENT