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Revision Breast Surgery with MR Domenico Mileto The Hospital Group - Manchester, GB

Jan 2013 had breast lift / implants under the muscle with The Hospital Group then 6 months later got Capsular contracture my old surgeon MR P did some revisson surgery to sort the problem out then October 2014 the problem come back so My old Surgeon had gone working down the London area so I... READ MORE

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Breast Implant Goes a Funny Shape and Tight Every Time I Tense my Arm? (photo)

I'm 6 months post op with full uplift and implants I had 385cc in my right as this was the bigger breast and 415cc in left but my right breast has turned out so much bigger... READ MORE

Will my Surgeon Have to Sort my Problem out of Animation Deformity? (photo)

Will my surgeon have to sort my problem out of animation deformity? I'm so unhappy with them READ MORE

2 years post op with implants under my muscle, my right breast implant is pulled out of shape. What should I do?

My right Breast implant which is under the mussel pulls of shape when I use arm and courses pain my breast also sits on a slant what so I do thanks READ MORE

What kind of gel is filling my motiva implants? (Photo)

Hi ive got 590cc motiva round velvetsurface plus course and just wanted to know wot is the gel fill I have and dose it have Qinside / chip them and shot dose the plus mean many... READ MORE

Are my breast and bad scarring down to my implants being lower pole fullness? (photos)

Hi there I had a mastopexy in 2013 with natrelle implants then in Nov 2014 I had my implants replaced with Motiva implants which are progressiveGel plus which means more... READ MORE

I had Motiva implants was told they was high profile but really there medium profile. Any suggestions?? (photos)

I had Motiva implants and was told they would high profile and it even says it on the my notes and now I've found that they are really medum profile and they have drop and are... READ MORE

Do I need a full uplift? (Photo)

I had full uplift and implants under the muscle 2013 then got CC year down the line last Nov 2014 had my Natrelle HP implants replaced with 590cc motiva implants the style I... READ MORE

I think my breast implant is truing over. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have Motiva breast implants over the muscle and left implant Keeps flipping over what can I do about this problem many thanks READ MORE

2 choices on breast revision: to have full uplift and drop from 590cc to 450cc or keep the size I have now &nipple lift (Photo)

Had full uplift /implants was told 385/415 would give me DD ended up 32G my Natural size.had revision suregry nipple lift & implants replaced to 590cc & took me To 32GG .been... READ MORE

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They wasn't keen but they went with mr Milteo instead but one girl was ok with him xx READ COMMENT

Things about Mr Guiseppe READ COMMENT

I've heard Ive heard a few things about him I can't comment as I never met him but my Facbook BA group girls have been with been the pair them of xx READ COMMENT

Hi thank you message yeah I'm on 2nd surgeon only because my 1st surgeon moved to the London to work that area . So had to pop inn and see anther surgeon . It was my choice to change to Mr Mileto asked him to do my revision .Many of... READ COMMENT

Hey chick no don't have to pay unless you want go bigger last time I did so I just £750 for bigger implants I've been bk to THG on Tuesday they are going to be doing a re op as I've got CC in my Right side and left my breast pocket ... READ COMMENT