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What Should I Do to Treat This Facial Bruise? (photo)

5 days ago I had one of those underground zits that was like a mountain. I squeezed it too hard to get some of the fluid out and now it appears that I have a bruise. Should I... READ MORE

Peel for Acne Red Mark/bruise? (photo)

I have a red mark after a singular cystic like acne pimple. Im not sure if its a bruise or if its an acne mark. never had one before as i usually dont have skin problems. I... READ MORE

What Kind of Treatment Should I Seek for Post Inflammation from an Acne Cyst? (photo)

HI i made the error of not realizing that my pimple was actually an acne cyst. I squeeze it not realizing the damage Now the skin is red/I have been applying aquaphor and... READ MORE

Are Jessner peels as strong/effective as a glycolic peel at 70%?

I have medium brown skin, I am Black and Native American. I was wondering if the Jessner peel is as strong or effective as a glycolic peel at 70%.I just moved to Los Angeles,... READ MORE

What treatment option is best for this red spot post acne? (Photo)

I am wondering what my best treatment would be. I am a young Black/Native American male with light brown skin. I have this red spot on my upper right cheek. My dermatologist... READ MORE

How to find the best surgeon for an African American rhinoplasty?

I am a young Black male actor. I intend to have rhinoplasty surgery. I live in Los Angeles and have been looking at the websites of some of the "top rhinoplasty surgeons" some... READ MORE

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Absolutely!!! Please dont forget about us after the surgery and keep us posted. I cant think of one youtube video of an ethnic male rhinoplasty. We NEED yours! I consulted with your doctors so I am curious as to how it turns out! READ COMMENT

Dude, I'm black and also planning on a rhinoplasty and chin implant... Please do a YouTube video. It would be immensely helpful. Everyone gets judged no matter what community you come from so who cares but I think u will find more... READ COMMENT

Would you recommend Dr. Aharanov for a rhinoplasty based on your experience? READ COMMENT