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Abdominal Muscle Re-allignment?

I'd just like to preface this question by mentioning I work as a male model so that's why the outcome is important for me, so while I'd love any 6 pack, l'm planning to have... READ MORE

Asymetric Abs?

My left and right abs don't allign is it possible to surgically reposition them so that they do. I know a mini tummy tuck can do something similar but for a different issue.... READ MORE

Pec Implants Equivalent?

I'm just wondering for a rough estimate of how many many lbs of muscle mass would be equivalent to medium to large pec implants. Would the visual difference be like building 5,... READ MORE

Comparative Results of Vaser 4D + Fat Transfer versus Pectoral Implants?

Can Vaser 4D + Fat Transfer match the results of Pectoral Implants in terms of visual projection and bulk added. Or would both combined be far superior to either alone? I'm... READ MORE