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What Surgery Would Makes It Possible for my Jawline and Chin to Look Like This? (photo)

I have been very unhappy with my jawline and chin, particularly on my profile, when I was younger it looked a lot worse and I used to get teased. Now I am old enough and... READ MORE

What Procedures Would I Need to Improve my Bone Structure and Facial Balance? (photo)

I have a very nondescript face with average bone structure and an average facial balance, below I have photos showing my desired bone structure and facial balance. I am... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure That Can Lift my Upper Lip? (photo)

I have had Juvaderm injections into my upper lip earlier in the year because my upper lip is thin and has a strange Cupid's bow, my dermatologist said my borders go inwards, so... READ MORE

Jaw and Chin Implants? How Can I Achieve my Desired Look? (photo)

I am planning to have my jaw and chin reshaped, I have realistic expectations and I want a strong, angled jaw. I currently have a large, rounded jaw so wanted to know what... READ MORE

Which Lip Lift Gives the Best Results?

I have a long thin upper lip, and a long Philtrum which I want correcting, I have been researching and need advice on what sort of lip lift will both shorten my overlong... READ MORE