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Lasik Eye Surgery - Vienna, VA

Having glasses was really annoying to me, my vision wasn't that terrible (20/150 in my R eye with a contact prescription of -1.5 and 20/200 in my L eye with a prescription of -2.0) but I had a really hard time with contacts because my eyes got really dry and I could only wear them a couple hours at a time. I really wanted to get Lasik so I wouldn't have to deal with glasses and contacts and... READ MORE

Foreheadplasty/ Hairline Lowering/ Forehead Reduction - Owings Mills, MD

It's always really bothered me how out of proportion my forehead was to the rest of my face. I hated pulling my hair back because it looked like I had a very masculine, receding hairline. I would try to cover my forehead up with bangs but I have a cowlick in the front of my hairline and they would never fall right and just ended up making things look worse. I found out about hair line... READ MORE

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It would be hard to do a pre op across the country, I would assume they're consolidating them for the sake of airfare. If it's any kind of reputable place, I wouldn't worry :) READ COMMENT