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Questions from Murasaki

LumiSlim Vs Zerona?

I Know the difference between "killing fat cells" and "shrinking fat cells".And I Know that both LumiSlim and Zerona doesnot kill or remove fat cells from body. But which one... READ MORE

Epilepsy and Laser Treatment for Weight Loss, Drug Contradictions?

Im Planning for laser treatment for weight loss. (Shrinking fat cells at first and then removing them.) In past one Year I had taken some anti epileptic drugs and psychiatric... READ MORE

Does Ultrasonic Cavitation remove fat cells / adipocytes permanently from the body or just shrink them?

I want to know about Ultrasonic cavitation. Does it removes fatcells or adipocytes permanantly from the body ? Or it only shrinks the fatcells ? are there are chances you get... READ MORE

Ultrasonic cavitation Vs Liposonix. Which is best?

I want to permanently kill or remove fat cells. (adipocytes) What is the difference between "Ultrasonic cavitation" and "Liposonix". Both sounds same for me. My doctor said... READ MORE

Coolsculpting vs Liposonix vs Trusculpt.

I presume all these techniques kills fat cells non-surgically. I want to go into the details of "cost effectiveness". 1 spot coolsculpting cost = 3 times the cost of Trusculpt.... READ MORE

CoolSculpting vs LipoContrast?

Comparing Cooling for 1 hour vs Alternating cooling and heating. Does this LipoContrast Kills 30% of fat cells in treated area ? READ MORE

Discussions started by Murasaki

Cool sculpting costly. Than buying in alibaba.

I feel coolsculpting treatment is costlier. Instead I can buy that zeltiq machine for home or do a vaser liposuction. The device sold in alibaba for 1500$ will they work ?... READ MORE