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Left Eye After Upper Eyelid Surgery is Defection? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post op from upper eyelid surgery and a brow lift. Brow lift is great. Left eye from eyelid surgery stitched look pulled toward nose causing skin to pull down over... READ MORE

Brow Lift and Upper Eyelid Surgery 5 Weeks Ago. Excess Skin on Left Eye is Hanging and Loose? (photo)

5 weeks since brow and upper eyelid surgery. Left eye has excess loose skin and is hanging. Left eye much smaller than right eye. Scar is a little thicker on left eye, but... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for the Forehead to Reattach After a Brow Lift Using Endotine?

I have endotine implants for the browlift. I am afraid they are going to become detached or slip. It has been 5 weeks since my browlift, is my skin reattached to forehead by... READ MORE

Dent in Middle of Forehead After Browlift?

I have a dent in middle of forehead about the size of a dime five weeks after browlift. It was from where the muscle was cut. Does this fill in and to away. Doesn't show up on... READ MORE

Problem After Lower Eyelid Surgery, Can it be Fixed? (photo)

Several years ago I had a lower eyelid surgery. The corner of my left eye ripped a little and when the doctor stitched it my left eye opening is now smaller than my right eye,... READ MORE

Lump Under Lip After Midface Lift and Nasolabial Folds Fat Transfer? (photo)

3 months after mid face lift and nasolabial folds fat transfer I have developed a lump right under my lip about 1/2 inch round on the right hand side. I have tried massage and... READ MORE

Face gets very red after surgery, could this be healing?

Had a mid face lift 8 months ago. Use retin .05 everynight and have for years. Use cetaphyl with sunscreen for moisturizer. 4 or 5 times a week lower face gets bright red.... READ MORE