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Coconut oil is amazing for so many things! I bet it would work well for itching. READ COMMENT

VS sizes run so weird. Before my BA my vs bras were 32dd. Untold my dr and he laughed. I was more a deflated b. just one week post op and I'm more a real full d. But haven't been measured. Oh, and 32dd can be very similar size to 34d.... READ COMMENT

Had my 1 week post op today. My dr gave me instructions for massage 4 times a day. But it's not actually massaging them but just a firm hold at the top for a minute on each side. I was terrified if some horrible pain massaging. It... READ COMMENT

I'm not allowed to ice either. But not sure why. It sure sounds good at times. I've heard of others icing. Every dr seems to give different instructions. READ COMMENT

I had my BA and it did go by fast! The day if was pretty rough and I was sick from meds. Couldn't even keep my eyes open. But each day is better and I'm only taking Tylenol now. Mostly just a lot of pressure in my chest. But I'm happy... READ COMMENT