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When or if I Will Regain Lip Function After Chin Implant?

I had a small chin implant placed through a small incision in my mouth 7 weeks ago. When the bandage came off 5 days later, I was shocked to see that the left side of my lip... READ MORE

Lower Lip Appears to Have Reverted to Gum Tissue After Chin Implant. Have I Ruined my Face?

I had a chin implant 11 wks ago via an intra-oral incision. My left lower lip was completely paralyzed. I can now lower my lip a little over halfway down my lower teeth. My lip... READ MORE

Left Lower Lip Appears to Be Reverting Back to Gum Tissue 3 Months Post Chin Implant. What Happened?

Total left lip paralysis immediately after chin implant. Can now lower lip about 2/3 of the way, but only outer lip moves while gum tissue remains elevated. With great effort... READ MORE

Should I Have Chin Implant Removed? Should This Be Does Intraorally or Through External Incision?

I had small chin implant placed via intraoral incision 14 weeks ago. Have had severe ice pick like pain, tightness, numbness, and left lower lip paralysis that has still not... READ MORE

Will Removal of Chin Implant Increase my Odds of Ending Unbearable Pain?

Small chin implant placed thru intraoral incision 14 weeks ago. Lip paralysis and severe nerve and muscle pain have still not resolved. Have not slept thru the night in 3+... READ MORE

Why is lower lip severely deformed after chin implant placement and subsequent removal?

Chin implant placed 7 months ago.Too large, too high. Removed after 4 months due to excruciating nerve pain,lip paralysis, almost complete lower lip inversion. Also redundant... READ MORE

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Lower lip seems to have reverted to gum tissue. Has anyone else experienced this?

I had a small chin implant placed 12 weeks ago via an intraoral incision.  After the bandage was removed, my left lower lip was completely paralyzed.  I can now lower... READ MORE

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I had a combination rhinoplasty on June 3rd. I still cannot lower my lip on the left side although the numbness is resolving. Has your lip function returned to normal? I look like a freak. READ COMMENT