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12 weeks huh? i just had a TL currently 3 week PO and its healing slowly, although walking has been getting easier, cant wait until i can run/squat and exercise like crazy again, all this sitting around is killing me! READ COMMENT

Hey freespirit63, awesome posts, I am currently 3 weeks PO, beginning to get some what of a normal stride back but still having a little bit of a challenge getting into and out of cars etc. Not painful just annoying because of the lack... READ COMMENT

I had my drain removed 1 week PO, it only really drained the first 3 days, the last 3-4 didn't really have too much only about 15ml for the last 3-4 days. I am swollen like a marshmellow, but from reading from other TT's and speaking... READ COMMENT

Hang in there! I recently got a full TT all around, chest and thigh lift on the same day by Dr. Richards and i'm 2 weeks PO today, finally starting to move around quicker, but still gingerly. READ COMMENT