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Would a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Be Good for Me? (photo)

I want a non surgical procedure just to straighten out the top part of my nose. On the right side of my nose it looks really nice and straight but on my left side it looks... READ MORE

Is Radiesse or Any Other Dermal Filler for the Nose Safe if I Have Allergic Rhinitis?

Im interested in getting radiesse or any other dermal filler for my nose, my nose is only slightly crooked and only need a little spot filled on the top. Im wondering if this... READ MORE

Can dermal filler fix ear deformity after surgery? (photos)

6 months ago I had my ears made smaller by having a pie shaped insision done on my ears, everything turned out good except that on my right ear there is a small gap on the... READ MORE

Could a setback make an ear curve look straight? (Photo)

I would like to know if an ear setback could fix the problem on my right ear. It has a curve on the side that makes it stick out more and I have gone with a plastic surgeon but... READ MORE

‚Äč6 month post op of Ear Surgery, my left ear is more curved out than the right. Can an ear be pin backed from the Scapha?

I had surgery to reduce my ears 6 months ago by having a pie shape cut off both my ears and everything came out good except that my left ear is more curved out than the right... READ MORE