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Questions from mariaz1994

Lipofilling Cheeks. I Slept on One Side of my Face and Now Its Not Symmetric Anymore?

Yesterday i had a lipofilling for my cheeks. The docter said it was no problem to sleep on one side of my face. But now its not symetrisch anymore. How long after this... READ MORE

Lipofilling Lips. How Long Will It Last?

The doctor said my new lips can loose a little volume in the first weeks but he also said that it will never go back to how it was. is that true? hopefully it is. READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer to the Cheekbones Permanent?

A few days ago i had a fat transfer for my cheekbones and lips and now I m reading here a lot of negative messages about fat transfer. But my surgeon said it is pernament. I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Cheekbones and Lips. How Much Fat Stays and is It True That Fat Takes Better in Younger People?

I had a fat transfer for my cheekbones and lips and i read from a doctor here that only 3% of the fat can stay from research from ASAPS and ASPS. but my doctor says more than... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Face How Long Before the Fat Settle? Why Do Some People Loose the Fat After a Year?

I don't understand why some people loose the fat from a fat transfer in face after a year cause the fat whats left after 3/4 months should be permanent and then the fat should... READ MORE

Would a Second Fat Transfer to the Lips Be More Successful?

Its been 3 months since the fat transfer in cheekbones and lips and i have a touch up in a month. The lips are gone. Would a second fat transfer to the lips be more successful? READ MORE

Fat Transfer Cheeksbones and Lips. What's Left After 3/4 Months is Pernament As in Forever?

Fat transfer is expensive because it should be pernament. So I expect that the fat that stays after 3/4 months is permanent especially because I am young I am 18 so I have not... READ MORE

Second fat transfer lips. When does the fat settle in the lips?

Does it help if I try to not move the lips alot in the first weeks? can I have permanent full lips that stays forever ? READ MORE

Second fat transfer lips 4 weeks post. All the fat is still there is that a good sign?

After my first fat transfer all of it was gone after 2 weeks. Now the second time after 4 weeks most of the swelling is gone and all the fat is still there. Is that a good sign... READ MORE

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I´m now at 5 weeks post and most of the swelling is gone and all the fat is still there.. hope it stays. I´m going to make a review at 3 months post. READ COMMENT

Haha yea I just really want it to stay this time :) READ COMMENT

But u can´t control how much u talk.. It's been two weeks since my second fat transfer and I really tried to not move my lips to much..but now I'm going outside again so I can't conrol it anymore.. so I need luck.. and not loosing weight READ COMMENT

And then It stays for ever? I hear some loose it after 6 months some after a year or some people still have the fat after 10 years! That's what I'm hoping for. But I don't understand how people can loose it after 6 months or a year... READ COMMENT

After my first fat transfer a little bit fat stayed.. but at 2 months post u had 50% left...u should think that´s permanent then but it wasn't but my doctor says whats left after a month is permanent..well I hope we have better luck ... READ COMMENT