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No More Old Lady Teeth - Lansing, MI

After paying for my two, now adult, children's braces the last thing I wanted to do was jump back on THAT monthly payment plan but as I watched my bottom front teeth shift at ever odder angles each year, I decided that I could not face my 60's with a mouth that looked 90. I am a teeth grinder so I have worn a bite splint (while sleeping) for over ten years. That fact alone made my... READ MORE

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Invisalign and Jaw Clicking?

I just started tray four (top and bottom) of my 28 tray Invisalign regimen. Everything was going great until yesterday morning when I noticed that my jaw would pop/click as I... READ MORE

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Thanks! I think the key is to try and be relaxed, have a sense of humor, about it all. I wasn't caught up in a time table about this so when the second, and now the third sets of aligners were suggested my only thought was "Yeah, lets... READ COMMENT

Your experience sounds very typical and I can tell you have a great attitude! My only suggestion (Actually my Orthodontist's suggestion) is that you not use toothpaste when you brush the trays; use soap and water and then, of course,... READ COMMENT

Suefit4 I completely agree with Major07 that soap and water, along with a small (I use child sized) toothbrush are the best and least expensive tools for cleaning the trays. Absolutely stay away from toothpaste because certain brands... READ COMMENT

The doctor says the length is due to decades of my teeth trying to compensate for my bite. He told me from the "get go" that I should not expect "miracles" but he agrees that we can do better than this. Thanks for the words of... READ COMMENT

The achy feeling is normal in the beginning, but if it continues to prevent you from eating, call your dentist Monday (Earlier if you start to feel poorly!) as he/she will want to monitor you. You will not do well if you are not... READ COMMENT